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the simple way to access RouterOS login MikroTik with mac address and IP address. login MikroTik Router

192.168.88,1 default IP address of routerboard of Mikrotik brands. Although MikroTik routerboard comes with world-class router OS that can access with and without the default IP address. Every router comes with a default login IP address which required to control and manage device and configuration purposes.

Whenever you buy a new router or network device you get default login settings printed over router stick as well as quick user guide comes with box. Login reburied admin login username and password.

This post provides you simple steps to login to MicroTik router and a wireless device using default Login IP and using Mac address. If you are looking manual for how to login MikroTik router with Mac address then you are on the right place where you will get the solution to login into RouterOS without using IP address. Before access router page some prerequisite steps to open the router login page from Winbox.

Steps to Access Mikrotik RouterOS

The Routerboards device such as Mikrotik SXT lite, Basebox, Bullet and other device configured with default login IP address 192.168;88.1. There are two methods to login MikroTik web fig user interface with IP address and without IP address.

  • Login with default IP address
  • Login Mikrotik with Mac address

Connect your router to the computer LAN port to access the admin interface. Power on the router and confirm LAN port connect to PC from router boards.

Method 1: open web interface without IP address

You required Winbox configuration utility tools to access RouterOS without IP address.

Visit Mikrotik Routerboard download page or Download Winbox Now

Winbox tools do not require installation and it is a plug and play configuration utility supported only MikroTik devices.

Open Winbox and wait for a few seconds.

See the router model number, IP address and Mac address showing in the list.

Default username: admin

Password: NA (blank)

Click on Mac address showing in Neighbors list and press connect. No password configured for the new Mikrotik device. Showing router broad RB3011UiAS Cloud core router with uptime.

After connect you can access RouterOS to setup MikroTik router device.

mikrotik hotspot login page

after login you can configure MirkoTik WiFi and other settings once settings page accessed successfully.

Method 2: Log in with IP address

The second method for an accessible web interface from the browser which needs to configure the LAN network to the same IP address.

Configure computer/Laptop LAN IP address in static mode. (you can use any other IP address from to but should be in the same series of default gateway IP address).

Step to Static IP configuration in Windows 7 Windows8 and Windows 10

1 Click Start > Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center.

2 Click Local Area Connection.

3 Click Properties.

4 On the network components list, make sure that Internet

Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked. If not, check it to enable the

Properties button.

5 Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click


6 On the General tab, select “use the following IP address.

IP address: 192-168-88-10

Subnet Mask: 255-255-255-0

7 Click OK.

Step to open Web interface to the browser

Open web browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Type in the URL bar and press enter key

Wait for a few minutes to load the login page.

Probably the Mikrotik router webfig page not secured with password auto-login to settings.

If login password configured then you will get a login page asking for username and password authentications.

Confirm username and password to authenticate RouterOS.

 Manual:Console login process

Problem Login to Router

You may be facing issues to login the router web interface. A lot of reasons for getting an error while login to router with default settings. Follow the step to fix the issue. Not working

If your router IP address not working or taking a too long time to respond to IP address then there are many reasons to not default IP address not responding.

Make sure you are typing the IP address in the correct form  Not http//: which is the wrong method.

Make sure your router default IP address not changed previously and you are accessing IP address belongs to the device.

Make sure your computer LAN IP address not configured with different static ip series that are not belonging to the default IP series.

If you are not sure about configuring login IP, you should try the factory reset router to restore default settings.

Forget default Login username and password

If login password changed during the first-time login or forgotten or you are not sure what IP address configured to your device then make a factory reset.

Factory reset not a recommended method to recover forgotten IP addresses while your router running in live networks. Making the router to default can remove all the configuration and down your entire network.

Note: only execute reset method if you are the administrator of network or you have all configuration details for related networks and devices.

Steps to factory reset routerborad

  • Find the reset button over the device.
  • Use the needle or any sharp point things to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold reset for 5-10 seconds and wait until router beep and rebooting.
  • Wait for a few seconds and try again the above method to login the router settings page.


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