Factory Reset of MikroTik Router

Factory Reset of MikroTik Router | 3 Method

Factory Reset of MikroTik Router | 3 Method

Mikrotik is one of the popular network devices for internet providers in wired and wireless as well. The MikroTrik router’s excellent Router OS firmware attracts the user to use it in the network. Many situations come when your Forget the MikroTrik router password and want to log in to the device. You should know the way to reset MikroTik Router and Wireless device if the password forgot. As the MikroTik Router has many great features and is fully managed as per the requirement. The best thing about the MikroTik device is you can get many ways to make a factory reset if a password or username is forgotten. Also, know the best WiFi Router for a home under budget.

In this, you will find three methods to access your MikroTik router if the password forgot. All the methods can be used for Mikrotik Wireless and Network Devices such as Cloud core routers, RB750, Sxt Lite, etc.

Block Internet Access but keep Local Network access in MikroTik

Reset MikroTik Router and Wireless Device

The Method of factory default MikroTik Routers and Wifi device is quite simple using the reset button and without reset button as well. Find the steps to reset the MikroTik device with and without a reset button.

1: MikroTrik Reset From Winbox

2: Soft reset MikroTik from Web login

3: MikroTik Router Hard reset from the Reset button

 1: Factory Reset Using Winbox

Restoring factory settings in Mikrotik router board and Wireless device using Winbox needs to log in first. You required a username and password to make the factory default Mikrotik from the software. This reset you can use if the router misbehaves and faces any stability issues. Before making a factory reset don’t forget to backup the MikroTik configuration file so you can restore after the factory default router.

  • Connect the Router board or Wireless Device you want to factory reset
  • Open Winbox and login with the username and password you have configured.
  • Go to Terminal from the left side menu and run the command as given below.

How do I Hard Reset a MikroTik Router board

[admin@MikroTik] > system reset-configuration

Dangerous! Reset anyway? [y/N]: y

Once the Reset command confirms with Yes router will reboot and you can access using the default Mikrotik Settings.

2: Factory Default Router from Web Login

In this method, the MikroTik Router can be reset without Winbox tools. Just directly login to Mikrotik’s device from a web browser and access settings.

MikroTik Default IP

Configure Laptop/Desktop LAN with and follow the steps.

Open a Web browser type and hit the enter key.

how to reset mikrotik router password

Find the Reset button in the right side bottom.

Make sure you have a backup configuration file before reset to the default MikroTik device.

mikrotik router reset configuration

3: MikroTik Hard reset using Button

Hard resetting of the device based on physical exercise. There is a tiny reset button available in every device to restore the device in factory settings in case forgot your login password and IP Address.

In the Router device, you will find a reset button option with a small hole. You can use a needle to press the reset button to Make Microtik device factory reset using the button.

mikrotik cloud core router factory reset

This reset method used in complete Mikrotik Switch Router and other devices.You can try this method to reset MikroTik RB450, MikroTik Cloud Core Router, MikroTik Hex Lite series, and all the complete Wireless and wired device.


Reset the MikroTik Router board

Mikrotik also provides only a PCB router board without a casing. So the method of reset only the router board needs to use the reset switch in PCB or some router doesn’t have a physical reset button available.

Factory Reset the Miktorik Router Board using the Reset button

If your MikroTik router board having a reset button beside the Ethernet ports then you can simply reset the device using the button.

Press the reset button for 3 seconds and wait until the beep sound comes two times.

Once the router gives a beep sound and will restart.


How to Factory Reset MikroTik Router If No Reset button

There are many MikroTik Router board comes which does not have a physical button available. But there is a reset circuit available to make it factory reset in the PCB.

Take your Router and find the circle circuit reset jumper as shown below image

mikrotik router not resetting

Use any metal pin to short (touch both together) to reset the MikroTik Router board without reset button.

cara reset router mikrotik menggunakan winbox

Once both points properly touch the router will make a beep sound twice and restart the router board MikroTik factory settings.

You can use this method on MikroTik RB711 5HND, Mikrotik RB433, RB933, and any Mikrotik Router PCB without a reset switch.


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