How to configure Airtel 4G Hotspot Wi-Fi router [Airtel E5573C]

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To avoid unauthorized network access with your portable 4G router always change the default settings before using it. See the quick user guide for Airtel 4G hotspot router configuration first time from your mobile.

How to configure Airtel 4G hotspot Wi-Fi router

After 3G network technology turns into VoLTE technology which provides voice over the internet. Airtel hotspot router is a portable 4G hotspot router powered by Huawei  E5573S-606 Mobile Wi-Fi device. This router is best to share a single plan with all family instead of using an internet plan in every number. It is sim based 4G hotspot router with battery backup and best for 5-6 Wi-Fi users. Airtel 4G router comes with 2 different models without a LAN port and with LAN port for office purposes. Airtel 4G WiFi Hotspot without LAN port mode number is “Airtel 4G Hotspot E5573C” and with LAN port model number is “Airtel B310”. The Airtel B310 router comes with a DC power adapter and 1 LAN and 1RJ 11 port for the telephone connection.

However, this post will assist you in simple steps to airtel 4g hotspot setup and change default wifi name and password for Airtel 4G hotspot router from mobile and desktop. While buying a new 4G hotspot router highly recommended to change default wireless SSID and password to ensure your wifi internet protection. Although Airtel 4G portable router originally manufactured by Huawei company it’s locked with Airtel sim only so it does not work with any other company SIM such as Idea, Vodafone, Jio networks. Airtel 4G hotspot needs to unlock to make it supported for another network sim. Keep ready your Laptop or mobile device with Airtel 4G hotspot router configuration first time.

Airtel 4G Hotspot Router Configuration First Time From Mobile

While configuration your Airtel portable 4G router make sure battery charged at least 40%-45% to avoid any damage during configuration of your 4G Wi-Fi router. | How to login router

Default Setting  Of Airtel 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Router

The first step of configuration any wireless router is to access the web interface with default settings that comes with the router. To get Airtel 4G hotspot router default settings to remove the backside cover and get the details below the battery.

airtel mifi 4g hotspot wifi router

See the above image and right down the Default settings to access Airtel 4G router to configure it from mobile and PC. You can also take pictures from your mobile phone.

  1. Airtel 4G Router Model No: – Airtel 4G Hotspot E5573C
  2. Default airtel 4g hotspot login IP:

If your  Airtel 4G router IP Address not working then you can try

Username: admin

Default Password: admin

  1.  Wi-Fi Name: “Airtel-E5573-EC27”
  2. Wi-Fi password: “rq4md2ym”

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Airtel 4G hotspot Wi-Fi router WiFi connection from Mobile

As above already discuss this model number does not come with LAN port so we required a wifi connection to access the web interface for configuration. You need to connect WiFi airtel 4g hotspot setup and configuration purposes.

Open the WiFi network from mobile or Laptop to connect Airtel 4G router.

You will get the default Airtel SSID name in the wifi network list.

Click the name and type the default password as mention n your 4G router stickers.

In this tutorial, my WiFi“Airtel-E5573-EC27” click connect and put default password “rq4md2ym”.

Setting password on airtel 4g


Airtel 4G hotspot Wi-Fi router Login Web interface

After a successful connection with Airtel portable 4G router now open the web browser in mobile or Laptop type the  and hit the enter key.

Use the default username and password “admin” to access settings.

You will directly land on the Homepage where you can see the Airtel signal status and other connection statics running on the 4G router.

airtel 4g hotspot portable wifi router password change


The Home page provides status as shown below.

  1. Network Signal and Connection Status with the network.
  2. Button to enable and disable Mobile Data.
  3. Current Connection: Data packet sent and received by the network with duration.
  4. Wlan Status: WLAN enable and the total number of wifi user connected to Hotspot Router.

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Airtel 4G hotspot Mobile Router Profile Settings

Although Airtel 4G router locked with Airtel network so cannot use any other network SIM without unlocking it. The router default profile is Airtel Mobile Office and not recommended to change it until its locked with Airtel networks.

For profile settings Go To settings tab from the top menu.

airtel 4g mobile hotspot/companion router (black)

The details of Default Profile settings shown below and not recommended to change it.

Profile Name – Airtel Mobile office (default)

Username: blank

Password: blank

Authentication:  Auto

IP type: IPv4 & IPv6


DNS Mode: Auto

Click Apply Save

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 Airtel 4G Hotspot Portable Router WiFi Configuration

If you are finding an answer to this question “how to change 4G router default Wi-Fi name and Password” then this is the answer. In this step, you are going to change the default WiFi SSID (WiFi name) and default Wi-Fi key to protect your network from others.

Follow the below steps to change the Airtel router Wireless name.

1: Go to Settings


3: SSID: Change the new WiFi name for your Airtel 4G router here.

4: Security Mode: Recommend to use WPA2-PSK

WPA Pre-Shared Key:  type your new wifi password here.

SSID Broadcast: Keep this option enabled.

airtel b310 4g all sim support hotspot wifi router

Press the Apply button to save Settings. 

Airtel 4G Router Wi-Fi Advanced Configuration

Advance WiFi configuration contains the settings for advanced wireless parameters such as channel, country settings and other settings.

airtel 4g hotspot portable wifi router zte mf90


Go to Settings –WLAN—WLAN Advanced Settings

Country/Region Adaption: Enable

Country/Region: Choose your Country here to follow regulation as per your country’s government.

Channel: Channel you can keep Auto so whenever you move with the 4G router will not face interference issue due to channel overlapping.

AP isolation: Off (This option to restrict the user to access each other data while connecting to the same hotspot router.

WLAN auto-off Enable: if you want to schedule your Airtel 4G router off and on while no use.

WLAN off Time: off

Wi-Fi Bandwidth: 20/40 as per user in the home.

WLAN Max-Access: type the total number of users you want to give access with the same airtel 4G router. Good choice to balance 4G speed.

Click Apply to save changes.

Airtel Mobile Network Selection 2G/3G/4G and Auto

If you are a frequent traveler and use your Airtel 4G router for traveling purposes than these settings help you to keep connected always. This configuration will auto-switch your Mobile 4G router in the available network instead of the disconnected network due to unavailable 4G signals. Keep Network selection always in auto mode to avoid internet disconnection while moving anywhere.

Go to Settings—Dial-up–Network Settings

Network – Preferred Mode: 2G/3G/4G/Auto choose here mode

airtel portable 4g router reset


Airtel 4G hotspot Router Enable Data in Roaming

While we go one place to another place outside of locality its called roaming networks. Whenever we move to another network our mobile and 4G router roaming should enable to keep internet work while you are not in our own networks. In Airtel 4G router by default roaming option enabled but if you wish to disable it while not in the home network you can do as shown below steps.

Settings – Dial-UP –Mobile Connection

Airtel 4G Hotspot - E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device

Mobile Connection: Mobile data – Turn off/Turn on (data will disable if Turn off button press)

Data Roaming: Enable Select the enable button to keep enabled internet service while not in home networks.

 These are some basic and easy steps to change default settings for your Airtel 4G router connection and setup and also for Huawei 4G hotspot routers. The configuration can be done with mobile as well as the desktop with Wi-Fi enabled and Laptops also.

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