Login Digisol DG-HR3400 Broadband Router?

Steps to setup and Login Digisol router to change default login password as well as default Wi-Fi SSID and password to protect home Wi-Fi internet. Login Digisol DG-HR3400 Broadband Router?

Digisol HR3400 broadband wifi router for home internet connection supported PPPoE, Static, Dynamic WAN internet type. To setup router, Digisol login required with default router settings comes with new routers box and manuals. To secure home Wi-Fi internet Wi-Fi security key and login password should keep updated timely. Although Digisol router the most secure and efficient Wireless router for home and office internet purpose. Probably default login credentials printed over router sticker and also include a user manual with the box to get Digisol default login settings. Digisol router model DG-HR3400 four LAN and one WAN port router which is enough to connect a wired computer, Network printer and NVr device without using an extra network switch.

You required a physical LAN connection or Wi-fi connection with Digisol HR3400 router to access the web interface to update configurations. However, these steps also help you to log in to Digisol another model router only default login IP address work different from various models.

Steps to Login Digisol Router

The first step to login into router settings is the connection with router wired or wireless.

You required to connect the router with LAN cable or default Wi-Fi name.

There is 4 LAN port (yellow color) in DG-HR3400 used to physical connection with desktop or Laptop.

You can try to get default login settings for the first time setup Digisol router printed over the router or find a Digisol user manual included inside the box.

However here are also Digisol default Login IP addresses and Login username password available.

Default Login IP for HR3400  Is  and for some models.

Default username: admin

Digisol Password: 1234

Once you have all set with connectivity from computer to Digisol router now follow the next steps toward login into the router web interface.

Open a Web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer and login 192.168.2,1 and hit the enter key.

If your router IP address working for you then within a few seconds login pages will load in the browser asking for username and password.

Use default login username and password for HR3400 as above list and can try admin or both username and password if Digisol other models. Login Digisol DG-HR3400 Broadband Router?

When you are logged-in inside router you can find settings for Internet, Wireless, Login passwords, port forward and other configurations.

The loose point of accessing any network using wi-fi is an easy target if weak Wireless security key configured which can easily guess or break.

It is highly recommended to update a Wireless password for your router after a few months and use a complex password that is easy to remember but hard to guess.

Here are steps to change the Digisol WiFi password

Find the Wireless tab from the menu.

DG-HR3400 Wireless router settings page contains configuration for SSID (WiFI name), Mode, Channel, and wireless passwords.

Wireless Basic Settings-

Model- AP

Wireless Network

Enable SSID Broadcast: Check the box (Default enabled)

Enable Wireless Isolation: This feature prevents wifi user to access each other data. You can add additional security to your wifi network by enabling isolation feature.

Name (SSID): DIGISOL (update this name for a wireless name for your wi-fi)

Mode: B/G/N

Channel: use 1,6 or 11 (These are the non-overlapping channel )

Bandwidth: Auto

digisol router login problem

Security options: Security options contain password settings for Wi-Fi network to be made secure.

Security options: WPA2-PSK

Password: Digisol-wifi-password (set a stronger wifi key for your Digisol router)

Press the Apply button to confirm settings. Your all mobile and laptop will be disconnected after the WiFi name and password changed. Connect again with a new WiFi name and passwords.

Next, other security steps change the default Login password for Digisol router during the first-time login.

The security of the Digisol login page depends on the login password and username strength and it should be changed regularly. Any user connected to Wi-Fi or LAN network can easily access the login page in case the default password not changed.

Why do you need to change the Login password?

The reason for changing the default router password is easily available at router stickers as well as brand support websites and over the internet.

Most of the router brands use “admin” for default username password which more easy to guess with Digisol router to login to settings.

Find the Maintenance tab from the top menu in the Digisol DG-H3400 Router.

Go to Password option from the left side menu as shown below image.


1: Select the user from the user account table.

2:  Modify: press modify button to change password.

Username: admin (default)  create new username here

Privilege: user or admin (restricted rights for users)

Old Password: 1234 (default is 1234)

New password: set a new password here.

 digisol router login username password change steps

After Change the login username and password open router again with new username and passwords.

If you are facing trouble to Login Digisol router settings page then read troubleshooting steps below.

Fix common problem while login router first time

Question: Why Digisol default IP not working? IP address not load or taking to long to respond probably comes while any network configuration mismatch or using wrong network IP.

This issue may be due to router not configured with the IP address or PC/computer LAN ip address configured in static mode with different IP address series.

1: first check the PC/Laptop LAN IP settings and make it to DHCP mode (auto obtain IP address)

2: If the router previously configures than possibilities is LAN Ip address is changed during first time setup.

Making factory reset make router to factory restore mode and default IP address can access.

Question: How to Factory reset Digisol DG-HR3400 Router?

Making Digi sol router factory reset will destroy all the configurations so only go with default option while you have all WAN settings.

Step to factory default Digisol Router

Power on Digisol router and take in hand

Find a small reset button option or hole beside Ethernet ports.

Use any sharp needle to press the reset button.

Press and hold the reset button for 5-10 second and release when router rebooting start.

Wait for a few movements and ping for HR3400 and 192,168.1.1 for other Digisol routers.

This simple configuration guide will make you fast login to your router and keep the secured network from others.

Download Digisol DG-HR3400 Router Firmware for Official Website.

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