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Login TP-Link EAP110 Ceiling Mount AP  |

configuration and Login TP-Link EAP110 ceiling mount access point for hotel and campus Wifi installation.

Setup and Login TP-Link EAP110 Ceiling Mount AP

TP-Link EAP110 300Mbps ceiling munt access point for home and hotel indoor Wi-Fi solutions. EAP110 is an indoor WiFi device mounted in ceiling and Wall for the match with hotel and home interiors. EAP series access point fully supported with TP-link EAP controller software to manage from a single point. EAP110 single band 300 Mbps Wireless N access point design for indoor WiFi installation. TPlink EAP110 having 1 Ethernet port with Passive PoE support. Inbuilt Internal 2* 3dBi Omni Wireless antenna to provide long-range WiFi connectivity.

To Login and setup TP-link EAP110 ceiling mounts access point with the default IP address. While buying a new wireless router should be set up for the network to protect Wifi networks. EAP110 setup from the computer needs to connect physically to access the settings page.

TP-Link Ceiling Mount AP Connection

Use Cat6 Patch cord to connect ceiling mount AP physical connection with device and PC.

  • Ceiling mount AP comes with a 24V PoE adapter.
  • Connect Ceiling mount AP LAN port to PoE port of PoE Adapter.
  • Connect PoE Adapter LAN port to Computer Lan.


Default Login Settings EAP Ceiling Mount AP

Every new access point comes with factory default settings available in the device manual and sticker beside the device.

Default Login IP Address: or

Default username: admin

Password: admin

Access EAP110 AP Settings using a Web browser

Open Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer and access default login IP and hit the enter key.

The login page with username and password option will load.

User TPlink default login username and password.

After login access point now setup wireless name and password.


WiFi SSID and Password setup

Wireless SSID and password very important to setup during first time login to avoid loopholes in your Wifi internet security.

Default WiFI password and IP address can get easily from the support site so always secure access point before connecting it to the internet.

GO to Wireless option from the top menu.

Wireless Basic Settings

2.4GHz Wireless Radio: Enable

Wireless Mode: 802.11b/g/n mixed

Channel width– 20/40

Channel: auto (if using multiple EAP110 access points in the same location use 1,6,11 channel number to avoid wireless interference.

Tx Power: 19 (you can reduce Tx power as per area size)

tp-link eap controller software

Press the Save button and drag paper down to SSID and Key settings.

Press the Edit button or Add a new network.

1: SSID: Home-WiFi (type WiFi name in this box)

2: Security Mode: WPA-PSK

Version: WAP2PSK

Encryption: Auto

Wireless Password: wifipassword ( set password for EAP110 WiFi network)

tp-link eap controller disconnected

Portal: Enable

You can enable the captive portal login page on TP-link EAP110 to authenticate using the hotspot page.

Press the OK and Save button to confirm the setting.


Change Default LAN IP Address EAP110

To change the default IP address goes to network option.

IP Address:

Change this IP address and re-login device with the new IP Address.


Change Default Login Password

Always change the default login password and username to avoid UN-authorize access. You can create a new username and password for EAP series access point. Changing the login password and username comes under account management.

Go to System- User Account

Account Management

Old user Name: admin

Old Password: admin

New username: (set new username)

New Password: (type new password)

Confirm New Password: type new password again.

password change eap110

Press the Save button to apply settings.

Login Access Point with New username and password and keep with you always.

Tips: To make a secure WiFi network always change the default IP address, Default WiFi password, Default SSID and login username and password that can easily get from the internet. Never share a WiFi password with the unknown person which can access your network device. always enable guest network in EAP ceiling mount access point to share with visitors and guests at home and office.

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