How to Check Who is connected to My WiFi

How to Check Who is connected to My WiFi

How to Check Who Is On My WiFi Network

Everyone connected to the internet using Wi-Fi and mobile network as well. To make a secure home wifi internet you must know who is on your wifi. You cannot stop the range of wireless signals from spreading out but you can monitor who is connected to wi-fi. There are several methods to check who is connected to my wi-fi router.

You must aware of ways to know who is on your wifi whether using a mobile hotspot or Broadband internet connection. To preventing miss use of hotspot internet keeps monitor connected device information on wifi internet. You may search several times to know who is on my wifi if not get a satisfactory method then now you are in the right place. In this post, we will explore all the possible and simple ways to check who is connected to your Wifi internet.

Methods to Know who is connected to my wifi router

Know the list of the connected client in the Wireless router and Lan internet can be checked using a direct router and third-party software. Find a way to check who is using WiFi without software.

1: Check Connected Client List on ADSL Router.

2: IP Scanner.

3: Mobile Apps.

4: Mobile Hotspot Client List ( for Mobile Hotspot).

1: WiFi user connected List

To check who is on my network using the router is admin method. This method needs an admin login credential to check who is using the internet from WiFi and LAN. You can see who’s connected to my wifi after logging wireless router.  Follow the steps to know the total number of connected devices to your WiFi Network.

Who is connected to Beetel 777VR1 VDSL Router

Open Your Wifi router IP Address (see the backside of the router for IP Address and login username password).

  1. Go to Setup
  2. WLAN-Basic
  3. Show Active clients
  4. Active Wireless Client Table

how to check network connection

Find the connected user to Wi-Fi device.

Tenda ADSL Wi-Fi router Connected user List

Follow these steps to check the user connected in the Tenda ADSL Router.

To check Tenda wi-fi connected user list

Login Tenda ADSL with   and admin/admin username password

Go to Device Info

DHCP – See the list of all active users in the network.

You can access your Wi-Fi router to get a list of all active users in the Wi-Fi network using the above steps.

how to tell if someone is using your wifi

2: IP scanner

IP Scanner is a tool to analyze IP Addresses obtained by the device in the network. It is quite a simple way to know who is using wi-fi internet in your network without login the router.

Download IP Scanner free Now.

Connect Wi-Fi Or LAN cable from the Wireless router.

Run IP Scanner and see the all active mobile and PC in your router.

Type the IP Address starting IP and Last IP of your Network.

Click the Scan button.

To find out who is on my wireless network using IP Scanner or Network is the most simple method and does not require any login privilege.

3:  Network Scanner Apps

There is a number of free network scanner apps available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can simply know who is connected to the hotspot wifi router using apps without a login router.

Download Network Scanner and run.

Note: your phone must be connected to the Wireless router you want to check who is connected.

How To Check if Someone is Using Your WiFi

4: Who is connected to Mobile Hotspot?

If you use a Mobile hotspot then you should check how many users connected to the mobile hotspot. Always confuse about why mobile speed slow and not aware of who is using my wi-fi.

Go to Mobile Settings

Portable hotspot–  Go to hotspot setup and see the connected user.

You can also find a lot of free network scanner tools which can help you to get detail about the connected user in the list. Network tool can simply check Who is On My WiFi hotspot internet or 4G hotspot internet as well.

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