Tenda N300 WiFi Router Repeater Mode Configuration

Tenda N300 WiFi Router Repeater Mode Configuration

Tenda N300 WiFi Router Repeater Mode Configuration

The Tenda N301 is a home wifi router with 300Mbps WiFi speed and 1WAN and 3LAN ports for physical connections. Tenda N301 WiFi Router configuration in PPPoE and Static mode did in the previous post. You can also use Tenda N300 WiFi router in repeater mode to boost the WiFi signal without buying a WiFi repeater device. If your Main WiFi router does not give signal coverage to the whole home than using range extender mode in Tenda best option to increase signal IP to 100%.Tenda A301 Wireless N300 Universal Range Extender can be connected with any brand WiFi Access point which does not belong to Tenda brands.

Repeater mode also a smart way to connect your NVR, DVR, Network printer with a wired connection without laying physical cable. While using the Repeater mode device turn into a range extender to get internet wirelessly from Main internet router to repeat signal and internet speed.

Tenda N301 WiFi Router Physical connection

To change Tenda WiFi router mode into a range extender mode required to access the web interface with the physical connection.

  • Connect Tenda WiFi router to Power Adapter comes with box and power on.
  • Take LAN cable and plug LAN port (Yellow Port 1-4) and other ends connect LAPTOP or DESKTOP LAN.

tenda f303 repeater mode

  • Use IP to Laptop/Desktop LAN Properties to access Tenda Default IP


 Login Tenda N300 Mbps WiFi Router

Open Web browsers such as internet explorer, Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome.

Type and hit enter key.

Click the OK button or skip settings to enter in Advance settings.

Tenda A9 Wireless N300 Universal Range Extender


Tenda WIFi Router Repeater Mode Change

The first step to a setup wifi router in repeater mode is to change the router mode to the repeater (range extender mode).

To change mode Go to the Wireless Repeating option in the vertical side menu.

Select the Universal Repeater (Universal repeater mode can connect non-Tenda AP in repeater mode and can extend the wifi signal if your main AP router is different brands.

How to Setup Tenda N300 Wireless Range Extender?

Note: Make sure you have WiFi password of your Main WiFi access point to join from Tenda repeater device to extend wifi range.

Universal Repeater

Choose your Main Host WiFi AP Name from the WiFi list scanned showing with signal strength.

How do i configure Tenda N301 router as a repeater with primary

Base Stations WiFi Name-  It will show your Main Access Point name.

WiFi Password- Type the WiFi password and click OK button.

Steps Required To Setup Tenda N300

Tenda Repeater device will reboot and you will lose access from the LAN port.

Tenda A301 Wireless N300 Universal Range Extender Review

To access Again your Tenda WiFi router connect Tenda repeater from WIFi now.

Go to Laptop WiFi connection and connect Tenda WiFi name as Shown below image.


tenda ac6 universal repeater modeOnce you are connected to Tenda Repeater device now type

Access tendawifi.com to access again settings page.

Setup Tenda Repeater WiFi Name and Password

In Tenda repeater mode setup your Tenda repeater device will be connected to your existing WiFi router. Now setup the wifi name and password for the repeater SSID which will show extended wifi signal.

Go to Wireless Settings

WiFi ON/Off– The button should ON.

WiFi Name and Password

WiFi Name- type the WiFi Name for Repeater SSID.

Security Mode- Select Security mode- WPA2-PSK (recommended).

WiFi password- Type WiFi password for Repeater SSID (this password will use to connect repeater wifi from mobile and laptop.

Tenda Wireless N Range Extender N300 Help

WiFi Signal Strength– You can set signal strength to high if the area is a larger size.

Click the OK button to save settings.

The router will reboot and after a few seconds your Tenda n300 wifi router will start working in repeater mode to boost the weak signal.

Tenda Repeater Positions and Placement

To boost single strength up to 100% without speed drop always choose the centralized placement of the repeater router. Find the location from the host AP router that can get at least 40%-45% signal and your low signal area can get a 100% boost increase signal.

Do not put the repeater router inside the covered box or in the cupboard. Always place the repeater router in an open area where the wifi signal cannot obstruct any hard objects.


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