Airtel 4G hotspot Router IP Address Not Working [Solved]

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Simple and easy way to fix Airtel 4G hotspot Router IP Address Not Working while accessing in the browser. know the hotspot ip address first before accessing in the browser.

Airtel 4G hotspot Router IP Address Not Working [Solved]

To setup Airtel 4g hotspot router needs to access the web interface using the IP address. During the first time setup, you get a default login username and password for the Airtel 4G hotspot. How to get Airtel 4g hotspot IP address if you change the default IP address during the first time setup.

If you are setting up Airtel 4G router first time then you can get default login settings backside sticker under hotspot router battery. But, if you have to change the IP address of roter and forget now than this post help you to find Airtel Hotspot router IP address configured in the router. To get a 4G hotspot router IP address you should require Wifi password to connect from PC or mobile. Make sure you have wifi password of Airtel 4g router to know IP Address.

Instead of factory reset Airtel 4G hotspot router tries below method to find IP address configured in the router. This way you can keep the same wifi name and password and access router settings without making a factory reset.

How to get Airtel 4G hotspot WiFi router?

To save time to get the IP address of hotspot router you should try the default IP address of hotspot 4g router.

Connect 4G hotspot router from Laptop or Mobile.

Go to the Wifi icon from the screen right side bottom.

Click the hotspot wifi name as shown below image.

Verify with wifi password and wait to connect.

Try Airtel Default IP Address to login first if router LAN ip address not changed during the first time setup.

Try if Airtel Hotspot is Huawei brands manufacturing.

Try If your Airtel 4G hotspot is Alcatel brands.

To confirm the brand name, remove the backside cover and see the sticker for the manufacturer.

Method 1:

If still IP address not working for your hotspot 4G router then follow the steps to get IP address.

Go to Open Network and sharing center from the right side Wi-Fi icon.

Right, Click on WiFi or LAN icon as shown below image.

Click WiFi to get settings windows.

How to Login Airtel 4G Hotspot

Click on the Detail button in wifi network settings.

How to change Airtel 4G hotspot password

Find the Gateway IP address assign by DHCP.

The gateway IP address is the IP of your Airtel 4G hotspot router which can access the router settings page.

Try access the IPv4 default gateway IP address to browser and see Airtel hotspot router login page loading and asking for the username and password.

Method 2:  the second way to get a hotspot router IP address is by using the command line.

Go start menu and press window key + R together.

Windows Key+ R

Run command windows will open.

Type the “cmd” and press OK to execute the command.

How to Setup and Configure Airtel 4G WiFi Hotspot Router

The command prompt will open and type the command to get Network configuration details.

Type “ipconfig” and press enter key.

Find the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi: 

See the Default Gateway assign an IP address:

This gateway IP address is the Airtel 4G router IP Address.

The Gateway IP address is a router LAN IP address that can use to set up and configure the router using a web interface.

This is the simple way to know the IP Address of any 4G hotspot router. If default IP address not working for your hotspot router than try the above method to get an IP address or you can also try the factory reset airtel 4g hotspot router to restore in factory mode.

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