How to Login Ubee DDW36C cable Modem

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Login Ubee cable modem to Change WiFi name and Password

Ubee ddw36c cable modem wireless router gateway supported by Xfinity, Spectrum, Time Warner Cable and more. Ubee Docsis modem manufactured by Ambit and work with all leading internet service provider connections. Ubee DDW36C Docsis cable modem with dual-band Wi-Fi to provide seamless connectivity and smooth live streaming as well as a 3D gaming experience.

If you subscriber of any service providers from Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, and Time Warner you can use this user guide to login into ubee DDW36C modem. Login Ubee cable modem required to connect physical wired connection or wiFi connection to access settings. You can follow this tutorial if you looking spectrum Ubee modem login to change WiFi SSID and Login password or any other configuration such as Port forwarding, DMZ, Parental control or Mac access list.

Steps to Login Ubee DDW36C cable modem

The initial steps to access any router and network device is the connection with the router using wired or wireless connections.

Power on Modem using power adapter comes with box. Avoid using any other power adapter.

Use LAN cable to connect Spectrum Ubee cable modem 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports and connect to PC/Laptop for physical connection.

Use default WiFI Name and default WiFi password to connect ubee modem via wifi connections.

Default Login and WiFi settings for Ubee Modem!

Every modem and router comes with pre-configured factory settings that are used to set up devices. Usually, default router settings printed over sticker and router box and use guide comes with the device.

Ubee cable modem Web login Default settings

Default Ubee Login IP address: 192.168.l00.1 or  or for some service providers as per their customization.

Ubee modem default username: user

Default Login password: user


In some models login password random printed to modem stickers

GUI access URL:

Login Username: admin

Login password: printed over a sticker or Quick user manual.

Ubee Default SSID: WIFIE54C7-5G

Default ubee WiFi password WPA2-PSK-

WPS PIN: 15349392

Login into Ubee dvw3201b Router

Open Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and access ubee login IP and press enter key.

Press the Login button to enter into Ubee settings.

spectrum ubee modem login

After a few seconds, username and password pop-up windows will comes.

Provide default login settings as per the above steps and access router settings.

After a successful authentication router will land on the status page where you can find router hardware, software and other status information.

Ubee DDW36C Modem WiFI SSID and Password Change

Very important to update default wireless SSID and Password before using in networks. To change ubee Wireless modem SSID finds wireless options.

The ubee DDW36C cable modem is a Dual-band WiFi router. Have to setup both band 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band one by one.

Go to the Wireless tab from the top menu as shown below image.

Press the 2.4GHz first and setup Wireless settings.

Primary Network: Enable

Network Name (SSID): Ubee WIFI name (change your  own name for ubee wifi name)

Broadcast SSID: ON

WiFi Password: WPA2-PSK Encryption: AES

WPA Pre-Shared Key: Ubee 2.4G password (set password for 2.4G wifi network)

ubee change wifi password


Ubee WPS Pin Disable

Add extra security in the network just disable WPS pin so only WiFi password can allow connecting your WiFi networks.

Automatic Security Configuration

WPS – Disabled the feature

Or Create a new PIN.

WPS Setup AP:  Generate AP Pin

Press Apply settings to confirm configuration changes.

Steps to Change Ubee Modem Login Password

Login password for different WiFi routers and modems mostly common for different brands.

Do not forget to update the login password for your cable modem.

Simple steps to change Ubee web Gui password.

Go to the Status page.

Account option


User: Username: admin (change username)

New Password: Ubee login password (set a new password)

Confirm password: type new password again to avoid miss-spelling and typing mistakes.

ubee cable modem default login

Press the Apply button to confirm password changes.

These are the steps to setup ubee cable WiFi modem login and configurations.

Troubleshooting to facing problem while login Ubee modem router.

You may be facing an error while access modem default login IP address and getting page cant to be load or taking a longer time to respond. Follow steps to fix the ubee cable modem login issue.

Ubee DDW36C login IP Address not working

Default Login IP Address not responding or Taking long probably IP address not belongs to router settings or changed with the different IP addresses. Follow steps to fix login IP issue.

Make sure the default IP address printed over the router sticker you are using to open in web browser.

Make sure your Pc/Laptop LAN IP settings configured to DHCP mode.

If still router Ip not working try reset router using the reset button.

How to Factory Reset Ubee Cable modem?

The ubee modem can restore to factory mode suing soft and hard reset.

Soft reset required web interface login. If you are able to access modem settings you can make a factory reset in case router giving any issue in the network.

If you forget login username password or your router Login IP may not working as printed to router manuals. Making reset to the default router will restore all configurations.

Find a tiny reset button backside router with Ethernet ports.

Use the needle to press the reset button.

Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release button.

The ubee modem will reboot and restore to the factory setting.

Try again access modem as follow above steps.


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