MikroTik RB960PGS PowerBox Pro Reset, Backup & Restore

MikroTik RB960PGS PowerBox Pro Reset Manual

MikroTik RB960PGS-PB Powerbox router board is an outdoor device with PoE out enabled and a full outdoor enclosure. Although this article is about resetting the MikroTik RB960PGS power box router board but also gives some brief product feature and review if you already using or looking for an outdoor PoE router. Read the full article for safe MikroTik RB960PGS PowerBox Reset and restore configurations.

MikroTik RB860 Powerbox pro is 5 Gigabit Ethernet port with 4 ports PoE output. Powerbox Pro is a fully weatherproof outdoor case so can manage outdoor environments dust, rain, and high temperatures to keep your network up. 1 Sfp power gives you the option to connect fiber cable directly to Powerbox Pro and a 5 Gigabit Ethernet port for distribution of internet for a campus office or home users.

Login and set up the MikroTik RB960PGS pwerbox routerboard is as simple as configuring any other MikroTik RouterBoard as it uses the same routerOS with different Level. MikroTik Powerbox Pro can be configured using WInbox, from the web browser as well as using a telnet terminal.

There are three ways to log in and setup your MikroTik Power box router so you also get more ways to reset the MikroTik Powerbox Pro router. There are four ways to factory reset Mirktoik RB960PGS where 3 method is soft reset methods that need to login to MikroTik Power Box using Winbox or from web browser. The fourth way is the hard reset method useful if you forget the Powerbox pro login password and can’t log in to Winbox and from a web browser. Follow four ways to factory reset the MikroTik RB960PGS power box Gigabit Outdoor fiber router.

MikroTik Rb960pgs-Pb Factory Reset Using Login Method

Making MikroTik RB960PGS PowerBox Reset required either your forgot login password or MikroTik rb960pgs performance degrading or a problem with connection and stability. Login method of reset device safe method and you get the option to backup your configuration.

  •        Power ON your PowerBox router board using the DC adapter that comes with your PowerBox.
  •        Connect LAN cable from Ethernet port to PC/Laptop.
  •        Download Winbox if already not downloaded and open it.
  •        Open Winbox and click on the Neighbours tab to search for your MikroTik Powerbox Mac address along with your IP address.
  •        Select the Mac address/ IP address and connect.
  •       After login you will get RouterOS open with WInbox Utility and now follow the steps to backup and reset.

Before making a factory reset MikroTik Power Box saves the configuration backup to your computer so you can restore the configuration after the reset process to avoid manual configuration again.

Backup & Restore Power Box Pro Configuration

Go to the “File” option from the left-side vertical menu.

Press the “Backup” button and give a name to your configuration file.

All configurations will be stored in File. Right-click on the configuration file and click “Download” to save in your desktop/Laptop Drive.

After saving the backup file follow the steps to Reset Miktorik RB960.


Press the “Reset configuration” button to restore the router board to default mode.


Reset using Terminal Command

Open the terminal from the left side menu.

Type command as given below.

[admin@MikroTik]> system reset-configuration

Dangerous! Reset anyway [y/n]:
Press “Y”

System Reset configuration will be reset

You will be disconnected from Winbox and the router will restart to default mode. Any settings and configuration you have done will be erased and you need to restore the configuration file again.

MikroTik Power Box Factory Reset from Web browser

Factory resetting MikroTik Power Box Pro from a web browser is the same process as resetting from Winbox. You need to access Router Broad using a MikroTik IP address from a web browser as a Mac address does not work to log in from the browser.

  • Power ON MikroTik RB960PGS and connect the LAN cable from any Ethernet port to
  • PC /Laptop.
  • Open the web browser and access MikroTik’s default login IP address of you changed the LAN IP address please use the changed IP address to log in.
  • Go to System- Reset configuration option.
  • Press the Reset Configuration button on the factory default router board.

If you forget the login admin password and want to reset the login password then you can follow the hard reset method to reset the Powerbox login password along with all configurations.

Hard Reset MikroTik RB960PGS Power BOX

Follow the steps to reset the power box using the reset button if you forget your admin password and are unable to access settings.

  •        Connect the Power Adapter socket to Power box but do not power ON.
  •        Find a reset button beside the DC socket.
  •        Use a needle or clip to press the Reset button and follow the steps below.
  •        Press the Reset button hold it and then turn on power.
  •        Monitor the “ACT” LED light and when the ACT light starts blinking release the reset button. Its takes approximately three seconds.
  •        After releasing the reset button power box will be restarted and restored to default mode.
  •        Connect the Ethernet port to the laptop and log in with the Winbox utility.
  •        Now follow the steps below to restore the backup file if you saved the configuration already.


How to Restore MikroTik PowerBox Configuration Backup?

If you have a configuration backup file saved in your drive then you will take less than 1 minute to restore your configuration and your router will be ready to use as soon as configuration is restored.

  • Connect the LAN cable to Powerbox ethernet and connect your Laptop or PC.
  • Open the Powerbox using the Winbox utility and log it with the default login settings. The default username is “admin” and No password is required in default mode.
  • Go to the File tab from the left side menu.
  • Upload a file from your drive to “MikroTik File”
  • You can also drag and drop your configuration backup file to “FILE”.
  • Select the file you unloaded to the MikroTik power box and press the “Restore” button to apply the configuration.

This process will take 30-40 seconds to restore configuration and the router will reboot. After the reboot is completed you will get your configuration restored to MikroTik and your internet should start working.

This MikroTik Power Box Reset and Backup Restore manual also works with different Mikrotik RB750P-PBr2 PowerBox Outdoor 5 Ethernet Power Box with Fiber port and Without fiber port.

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