TP-Link AC1350 Archer C60 Login and setup

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TP-link Archer AC1350 C60 Login and setup for dial-up and static internet connection.

TP-Link AC1350 C60 Login and setup

TP-link AC1350 dual-band router best choice for internet plan 100Mbps and more than for live streaming and gaming. Archer C60 can be best for your internet plan if you are using the single-band WiFi router and not getting internet speed as much internet plan. TPLink C60 support 1350 combined WiFi speed in 2.4 Ghz+ 5 GHz Band. This router supported by all leading telecom operators to internet type static, PPPoE, Dynamic and others.

The first time Login and setup Archer c60 router need to connect physically with Desktop or Laptop. You can also use TP-link Mobile apps to setup TP-link AC1350 using a wireless connection from mobile. TP-link C60 router comes with 5 External Omni direction antenna which provides excellent signal range coverage in medium and large size home and office. 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port available for wired connections such as Desktop, NVR and other devices to be online with the internet.  Router support guest wireless network to protect your private wifi network and restrict your personal network access from guest networks.

TP-link Archer C60 Dual band Router connection

C60 Router supports Multiple physical ports such as 4 LAN port 1 WAN port for wired connection.

  • Power on Router with DC adapter comes with a box.
  • Connect Internet cable coming from your internet provider to WAN port (blue )
  • Connect Cable from any LAN port to PC/Laptop to login router settings.

tp-link archer c20 ac750 wireless dual band router (blue)

Once the physical connection completed now proceed to set up the router.

PC LAN Settings

Make sure your PC LAN IP address in DHCP mode or use TP-link Default IP Address series Static IP in PC LAN IP.

Login Archer C60 Dual Band Router

To access router settings first time need default login details.

The default login IP address is and

TP-link C60 default username and password is “admin”.

Open Web browser and login IP address with default login details

IF you are using old router make TP-link Archer C60 factory reset router before configuring for internet connections.


Configure Router using Quick Setup

A quick setup wizard option is available for beginner to configure router step by step with the necessary setting required to run the router.

  • Select Time Zone for your C60 router on first steps

Press the Next button for WAN settings.

Internet operator users different internet protocol types to provide an internet connection.

Choose your internet types such as PPPoE, Static, and Dynamic from the list and ready details to configure in the next steps.

 tp-link archer c20 ac750 wireless dual band router

Addition ISP settings- You can choose your country additional ISP settings from the list.

Press Next Button for WAN configuration.

Please enter your PPPoE username and password

Username– (ask your ISP for username and password)

Password:- PPPoE password.

 tp-link tl-mr3620 ac1350 3g/4g wireless dual band router

Press Next button

Wireless SSID and Password Configuration

This step will set the WiFi name and password for 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz band.

1: 2.4 GHz Wireless:

Network name (SSID) – set WiFi name for 2 G band.

Password: set a stronger password for 2.4 GHz WiFi name.

2: 5 GHz Wireless: Enable Wireless Radio

Network name: set Wi-Fi name for 5 GHz

Password: set password for 5 G Wi-Fi.

tp-link archer c50 wireless dual band router (white)

Always use alfa numeric and special character password key combination to secure the WiFi network.

Press the Next button to finish the setup wizard

Confirm all the configuration details for the C60 router and press the save button to confirm all settings.

tp-link n600 wireless dual band gigabit adsl2+ modem router td-w8980

The router will take a few seconds to save and reboot the router. Once settings saved you can check the internet from mobile and laptop using WiFi.


Enable Guest Network in AC1350 C60 Router

Guest WiFi network best way to secure your home and office wifi network from unknown access. The guest network let you control time and internet speed for visitor internet access and restrict access to your private network devices.

Go to Advanced tab

Guest Network Options

Enable Guest Network

Guest SSID- type the name for Guest WiFi

Password- set password for Guest Wi-Fi

To enable the guest network in 5G setup the same settings.


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