MikroTik RB750Gr3 Vs RB450Gx4 | Which one Better?

MikroTik RB750Gr3 Vs MikroTik RB450Gx4 | How to Choose Best?

MikroTik RB750Gr3 is one of the best and most demanding routers for a medium-sized network either used as a router, firewall, or hotspot gateway router. MikroTik RB450gx4 is a upgraded version of RB750Gr3 router and when your network load increases then you can switch from 750Gr3 to RB450Gr3. If you are an internet service provider or managing your own small or medium-sized office network and are not sure between MikroTik RB750Gr3 and Mikrotik RB450Gx4 which router is best and which should choose as per your network requirement?

Compared physically RB750Gr3 and RB450gx4 router broad seems the same in looks but the difference that matters is the hardware and software configurations that make the router best.

To understand the difference between RB450Gx4 vs RB750Gr router boards you need to understand the hardware and software configuration of both routers. Read the complete review of the Mikrotik RB750Gr3 and Mikrotik RB450Gx4 indoor routerboard.

Hardware and Software Difference Between MikroTik RB750Gr3 Vs MikroTik RB450Gx4

Hardware difference depends on the router performance and network load handling capacity that you decide as per your network load running capacity which router should choose. RB750Gr3 Hex router and RB405Gx4 router both have hardware and software differences that make them different and network size handling capacity is different.

Hardware MikroTik RB750Gr3 RB450Gx4
CPU / Core MT7621A  / 2 core IPQ-4019/ 4 Core
RAM Size 256MB 1GB
Architecture MMIPS ARM 32bit
Storage size 16MB 512MB
Ethernet port 5xGigabit Ethernet 5xGigabit Ethernet
PoE Out No Yes on Eth5


Memory card type microSD microSD


USB Port 1 1


DC Power Input DC socket and PoE in DC socket and PoE in


Max power consumption 8W 16W

Software Specification for RB750Gr3 vs RB450Gx4 Routerboard

Software specification lets you configure your router for an advanced feature that depends on the Level of your router board.


Software RB750Gr3 RB450GX4
Operating System RouterOS RouterOS
RouterOS license Level L4 L5
Certification CE, EAC, ROHS CE, EAC, ROHS


Price Chek Online Price Check online Price


This is a common comparison between RB750Gr and RB450Gx4 about hardware and software differences. So now it is very easy to understand why RB750Gr3 is less costly than RB450Gx4 routerboard and which one is best for your network.

MikroTik router Rb450gx4 and router Rb750gr3 both are indoor routers and can be use as firewalls, Bandwidth management gateways, and hotspot gateways for your medium-sized network.

MikroTik RB405Gx4 Vs MikroTik RB750Gr3 which should choose?

While we choose one router between RB750Gr3 and RB450Gx4 it’s not too difficult to pick the best one. Both routers have different hardware and software configurations and when you want to choose a better one then both are the best routers.

If you looking a router for small and medium-sized user loads with 10-50 users for your hotspot login, firewall, or bandwidth management then you can choose RB750Gr3 and simply when your user increases you can upgrade RB750Gr3 to RB450gx4.

MikroTik Router RB450Gx4 has upgraded hardware as well as Level 5 router OS that L1 level upper than RB750Gr3 and higher hardware compared to RB750Gr3 best router for a user load of more than 50 users and for a seamless network and bandwidth management.

MikroTik RB450Gx Review and Price

mikrotik RB450gx4 price with case

While we talking about MikroTik routers it’s not need any introduction if you are an Internet service provider, large enterprise network admin, or managing your own network.

MikroTik RB450Gx4 is a 5Gigabit motherboard and its supplied without a MikroTik Indoor Case from MikroTik so it’s available only for PCB that you need to fit inside an enclosure that is also available.

RB450 Gx4 router board 1GB Ram with IPQ 4core CPU and 512MB RAM size that handle user load easily and keep running your network without any handing or slow issue.

MikroTik RB450GX4 Gigabit Ethernet Router is an upgraded version of the MikroTik RB750GR3 router that you can upgrade when you feel your network load increasing and you need to upgrade a higher hardware rotuer. MikroTik RB450Gx4 price from MikroTik is about $99. However, if you are a dealer or bulk supplier you can get bulk price that depends on the quantity you order from MikroTik sales.

MikroTik RB750Gr3 Router Review and Price

RB750Gr3 is one of the best routers and popular complete indoor router boards use for small-size network use as a router gateway router if you using a third-party Hotspot login page, using Radius server via an OpenVPN network to centralize monitoring as well as you using MikroTik original hotspot login page.

MikroTik 750Gr also 5Gigabit Ethernet port with routerOS level 4 operating system that gives you some fewer features than level 5. However, if your user loads the same but wants to get L5 features then you can simply upgrade license for your RB750Gr3 level without upgrading the complete router.

When we talk about price RB750Gr3 is a lower hardware router compared to RB450Gx4 router so the price is approx. $59.95 from MikroTik Original price. However, you can get bulk prices from MikroTik sales if you have a requirement in quantity.


Where to Buy MikroTik RB750Gr3 and RB450Gx4 at Best Price?

Today there are a lot of dealers importing MikroTik routerboard from MikroTik in different countries. However, you can get prices from local importers of mikroTik as well and you can also get online prices to get the best price for your router. If you have a requirement in quantity then you can get the price from a dealer nearby you who can give you the best price and after-sales should be supporting to avoid struggling to get replacement or RMA.


Final Words

MikroTik RB750Gr3 and RB450Gx4 both are the best router boards from MikroTik and requirements depend on the user load, Network management, and other features that you want to use in your network to choose either go with RB450 gx4 or RB750Gr3 router.

If you are a network administrator or internet service provider then you know the requirements of RB 450 gx4 and RB750gr3 router that depend on user load, and other network management.

Hope this comparison sheet will help you to pick the best router between the MikroTik RB750gr3 vs Mikrotik RB450GX4 router device help you to choose a router that fills your network requirement and also save money unnecessarily buying a costly router board.


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