Mikrotik RB750Gr3 Factory Reset If Forget Password – Reset Guide

How to Factory Reset Mikrotik RB750Gr3 If Forget Password

reset mikrotik rb750gr3 or any other router board need either you are unable to access due to forgetting a password you might face any issue with the performance. Mikrtik RB750Gr3 a 5 port Gigabit switch for a small-size network that can be configured as a router, Switch, Hotspot gateway as well as a firewall for securing your network.

In the earlier post, we covered login and first-time setup rb750gr3 router board from Winbox as well as without Winbox using a web browser. What if you change the login password and forget and you do even not create an admin user to access rb750gr3 or you might facing a stability problem with your RB750Gr3 router and want to fix it.

How to login to Mikrotik RB750gr2 router if you forget the password and the answer is just making it factory reset. There are two ways to make Mikrotik rb750gr3 factory reset either using software or using reset button. Making Mikrotik router board 750gr3 factory reset will erase all configurations and if you have configured the Hotspot page, firewall or any other configuration will be removed need to restore the configuration back or configure it manually again. Follow the steps to reset the rb750gr gigabit router.

How to Factory Reset MikroTik RB750GR3 Router from Winbox

Making the rb750 router factory reset from Winbox or from a web browser called software reset or soft reset method that required to login router. If you facing any problem with the router but you able to login to router settings then this method is pretty safe to reset your router. You can download the configuration backup before restoring settings to default mode so you can save configurations time post-reset router.

How to Setup MikroTik WiFi Router as Repeater mode

  • Connect Mikrotik RB750Gr3 router to DC power adapter 24V and power ON it.
  • Connect a LAN cable to port Ether2- ether 4 and connect to Laptop or desktop LAN port.
  • Download Winbox from Mikrotik downloads.
  • Open Winbox and click on the neighbor tab and refresh it. You will get the Mikrotik rb750gr3 router ip address along with the Mac address and router os firmware version.
  • If you want to use the browser just open the browser and access Mikrotik default IP and wait until the login page loads.
  • Use the default username “admin” and use the login password you set for your router board.
  • From Winbox navigate to the left side menu and go to System
  • System- Reset configuration
  • Press the “Reset configuration” button to make the router fully factory reset.
  • Router will reboot and disconnect from Winbox until its restoring to default mode.
  • After the reboot is complete just log in again with Winbox and restore the configuration backup if you have saved the backup file before resetting the rb750gr3 router.

If you can’t login to the Mikrotik RB750gr3 router because forget your login password or are unable to log in due to any other reason then the hard reset method will work for you.

Factory Reset RB750Gr using the Reset button

Making a factory reset is a hard reset process that you need to perform physically so if you can access to router physically then you can make it reset without login.

Follow the steps to factory reset Mikrotik 750GR3 or 750Gr2 router using the reset button.

  • Locate the Reset button beside the power DC socket.
  • Use a Needle or sharp pen to press the reset button.
  • Unplug the power socket first and press the Reset button.
  • While reset button is pressed now plug the power and turn on it.
  • Monitor ACT or USR LED light when it starts blinking fast release reset button.
  • Rb750gr3 router will restore to default settings and after reboot, you can access using Winbox.


All configurations and settings will be removed after resetting the Mikrotik rb750 router and you need to restore the configuration backup or manual setup again. This article you can use to reset Mikrotik RB750, RB750GR3, RB750Gr2, and any other posterboard to restore default settings if you forget login password or unable to access settings.


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