MikroTik Hap AC3 Dual Band WiFi Router Login and Setup

MikroTik RBD53iG-5HacD2HnD Hap AC3  Router Login and Setup

Mikrotik Hap ac3 is an 11ac dual-band wireless router with a multi-Gigabit Ethernet port along with 1 PoR Out gigabit port to connect multiple wired devices as well as Wifi devices. Mikrotik software is always outstanding and all in one that gives you even advance security features with a basic Wifi router that gives a high-end advanced router.

MikroTik RBD53iG-5HacD2HnD Ac3 supports 300Mbps in the 2.4Ghz band and 867 Mbps in 5Ghz band in sort combined bandwidth we can call Ac1200 Mbps with both wireless bands. MikroTik AC1200 Dual band WiFi router is best for an internet plan with 100+ Mbps for home use as well as official purposes.

There are two ways to setup your MikroTik AC1200 Hap ac3 router either using Winbox configuration utility or using a web browser that needs to access default IP with a few steps. MikroTik provides a quick set wizard option for the user who does not have technical skills and wants to set up the router themselves without getting help from technical support.

MikroTik Hap Ac3 Router Connection setup

The first step to accessing Mikrotik ac3 router is connections. As Ac3 router is multi-port and can set up as a router, Access point, and different modes such as firewall, VPN router, and many others. You need a proper connection before proceeding with configurations.

If you want to use MikroTik AC3 as router mode then use an internet cable to Port no 1 and enable router mode from settings as follow further steps.

  • Unbox your Ac3 dual-band router and connect with the dc power adapter that comes with the package.
  • You will get two omni antenna inside box just connect both antenna to the router SMA connector on the front side of the router.
  • Connect the internet cable to Port1 if you want setup as a router.
  • Connect PC/Laptop/Desktop/ Network switch to port no. 2 to port 5.

Once you had made the connection now follow the next steps to login and setup the MikroTik ac3 ac1200 dual-band router from Winbox or from the web browser.

Login and configure MikroTik ac3 Dual band WiFi router

Once the connection with the router now follows the steps to access the login page and configure your router the first time and change the wireless default name and password.

You can download the Winbox configuration utility from the Mikrotik software download option or if you don’t want to download you can also configure the router using a web browser first.

  • Open the web browser and access Mikrotik’s default IP address from the URL bar.
  • You will get Mikrotik ac3 login page from you can also download Winbox.
  • Use the default username admin and no password for the first time to login.
  • To use an easy method to configure Mikrotik ac3 click the “quick set” option on the left side menu.

Follow the different modes of configurations as followed in the below image.

1- Quick set- After login sees the right-side top corner to change configuration mode.

Select quick set to make it easy configuration way.

2- Mode change- Select Mode to “Router”

Select Address type- static, PPPoE, or automatic as per your internet type.

Provide internet settings as per Internet type and follow the next steps.

LAN IP address – (if you wish to change the LAN IP address to different IP series you can change it here.

3- Wireless configurations

As RBD53iG-5HacD2HnD HapAc3 router support dual band so you will get 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless SSID name and you have to configure both band one by one.

Network Name- MikroTik-5Ghz  (change this WIFI name to a new WIFI name as per your choice to configure 5G SSID.

Frequency- Auto (you can also use manual frequency as per your country guidelines and interference level in the location you want to use this router)

Band-5Ghz A/N/AC

Channel width- 20/40/80 (if your internet speed is less than 200Mbps then use 20/40 to avoid interference.

Country- Select your country to get Tx power and other configuration as followed by country rules.

4- Wireless Security

Security- WPA2

Encryption- aes (ccm)

WiFi password- ac3wifi password (set new wifi password)

 Apply and save settings after the configuration is finished and check if the new wifi name showing on your mobile and laptop.

Change MikroTik hap ac3 Ac1200 Default Password

To change the login password or set a new password you need to change the configuration mode quick set it to “webfig” from top right side corner.

Click webfig configuration mode and you will get all settings menu on the left side.

Go to System- Password


Old password- Default NO password (if you already set a password and want to change use the same password as the old password)

New password- create here new admin login password.

Confirm Password– Confirm the new password again here.

Press the change button to apply settings and keep remembering or save a new login password for your Mikrotik hapac3 router.

This is a simple manual configuration for the initial setup of the Mikrotik ac1200 dual-band Wireless router for first-time configuration. You can also add many security features such as MACL, firewall, content filtering, and many others to add an extra security layer to protect your internet connection from unauthorized access and attacks.


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