Jio Fiber Extender Setup Step by Step Manual

Jio Fiber wifi extender Setup with Jio fiber Modem

The jio fiber range extender is a mesh signal booster device special design to boost your Jio fiber wifi router signal if it’s not covering your whole home area. best wifi extender for Jiofiber works with Lan cable as well as Mesh technology that needs to enable from the Jio fiber router to let Jio extender set up automatically.

Jio Mesh extender device helps you to fix no coverage area or low signal quality in some areas without laying a physical cable from a Jio fiber router. Although there are many best wifi extenders for Jiofiber signal boost that are easy to set up and compatible with most of the brands.

There are two parts of the setup Jio fiber Extender device to increase wifi range and speed. The first part is setup Jio mesh extender device and the second part is to find the best placement for your fiber extender to fix maximum dark spots.

To manage your WiFi Mesh Extender JCM0112 and place it in the proper location you need to download Jio mobile app to monitor and device management available on the google play store and apple store. Before proceeding to setup Jio range extender device you need to log in jio router and enable the mesh option from the web interface.

Enable the Mesh feature from the Jio Fiber router

To enable the Mesh option in jio fiber router you need to access the router web interface using the default login IP address or username password configured during the first time setup. You can find the default login IP address and username password printed on the Jio modem sticker.

  • Connect your Laptop or Mobile from your Jio fiber WIFI network.
  • Use a LAN cable for wired connection from a computer.
  • Open the web browser and access Jio fiber login IP and wait for the login page.
  • Find the default username and password printed on the Jio fiber modem sticker and log in. If you changed the login password already use the same.
  • Go to Status- Mesh Network option- Mesh configurations
  • Mesh Enable- Turn On button and save settings.

jio fiber modem range extender

After saving Jio Homegateway modem will reboot and after rebooting mesh option will enable that you can confirm by login and checking the same option.

After enabling the Mesh option in the Jio FTTH modem now you are ready to pair Jio Mesh extender either using wired or wireless. You can pair multiple Jio Extender devices to cover different locations for each Repeater device.

Follow the steps to configure Jio fiber mesh extender with your Jiofiber modem router using wireless connections.

How to Setup Jio Fiber Mesh Extender with JioFiber Modem?

There are two ways to set up a Jio mesh extender device with your existing jio WIFI network. Either use the WPS button or use the Lan cable to configure automatically from the Jio fiber modem after enabling Mesh options.

  • Unbox your Jio Mesh extender device and power On it near the Jio fiber modem for configurations.
  • When Jio Extender is powered On now plug the Lan cable from the Extender LAN port into the Jio fiber modem Lan port.
  • Wait for 3 minutes and monitor the Jio Extender LED lights.
  • After 3 minutes of processing Jio Extender WIFI LED light will be Solid Green which means the Extender device is configured and ready to use.
  • unplug the Repeater device from the LAN cable and plug the second Extender device for configuration if want to set up multiple Jio Mesh extender devices.

best range extender for jiofiber

After configuration, you need to find the best place to install an extender device where you can fix the signal problem in most of the areas also extender device can get proper signal strength from the Jio Fiber modem as a backhaul connection.

Jio WiFi Extender Placement

  • Placement of the Jio Signal booster device is important to get maximum signal range and speed.
  • Take your jio extender device and place it in the location where you facing the signal issue.
  • Monitor Extender WIFI LED light if it’s showing Orange it means the extender too closer to the Jiofiber modem.
  • Move your Extender device a bit far and keep the monitor WIFI LED.
  • If it goes Solid Green it means it’s perfectly connected and has enough distance between the extender and WIFI router.
  • If the WIFI LED goes Red means a Mesh connection issue and the Extender device not getting proper signal quality from the Jio Fiber modem so move it near to the Jiofiber modem.
  • You can use Jio apps to manage and monitor your all extender devices from your mobile phone to keep updated on the everyday status if working fine and any issues with any device.

This is a simple way to set up a Jio Mesh WIFI Signal booster device without struggling a lot with configuration. If you facing any issues while setup the Extender device you can also contact Jio technical support to get installation support at your home or wherever you wish to setup it up.


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