How to Use Fiber ONT as Access Point?

Setup Fiber ONT/ONU As WiFi Access Point

How to Use Fiber ONT as Access Point?

Fiber ONT (Optical network terminal) or ONU device is used in a fiber network to connect internet connection at the client end with fiber cable coming from an Internet provider OLT device. If you have fiber ONT with WiFi and not in use you can utilize as a WiFi Access point to increase WiFi signal range without using fiber cable. Although the ONU device need a fiber connection to work as router mode or bridge mode that is connected to a Fiber OLT device at internet provider base stations. If you have a spare GPON ONT device with multiple Ethernet port use it as a network switch and a Single port ONT with a WiFI connection can use as WiFi AP using cat6 LAN cable connections.

However, if you have any brand FTTH fiber EPON unit such as Huawei, ZTE, VSOL, Optilnk, NetLink, and any other you can use as a Wi-Fi access point without using a fiber uplink connection to utilize an ONU device, not in use. Follow simple steps to turn the fiber ONT  device into access point mode using LAN-wired connections.

Connection to use ONU as AP

ONT device comes with single Ethernet and multiple Ethernet ports so follow the below steps as per your ONU type.

  • If you have a single Ethernet port ONT with WiFI network support then connect your PC/Laptop using a LAN port or wifi SSID name.
  • If your ONT supports more than one Ethernet port then connect the internet cable to LAN 1 and connect your PC/Laptop using LAN2 with a wired cable.

Vsol ONT EMS software

Go to PC LAN network settings and use static IP address mode and use ONT login IP address series IP Address.

EXP-  ONT default Login IP address-   use in PC-  IP address.

Default Login credential for Fiber ONT

Usually default login IP address, username, and password details are printed to the device’s backside sticker with the Mac address and model number.

Check the ONT device sticker for default login credentials.

Most common use default Login IP address – 192.168.1.l

Default username– admin

Default password–  admin or 1234

Setup Fiber ONU as Access Point

Once you are connected to the ONT device either using wired or wifi now follow login steps.

Open the Web browser and access the default Login IP address as printed to label or manually.

http://192.168.l.l if the default login IP is 192.168.1 1

After a few seconds, you will get an ONT login page asking for a username and password.

Use default login settings as supported by your ONT credentials.

Once you login to ONT settings now follows the next steps.

Change ONT LAN IP  and Disable DHCP server

You must change the login default gateway for your ONT unit if your internet router uses the same login IP address.

The DHCP server should disable so users connected to ONT wifi can get an IP address from an internet router.

Network- LAN settings

IPv4- LAN settings

IP Address192.168.l.254 or (you can use IP address as per your choice from the same internet series or different series.

Disable DHCP server– Select Disable DHCP server option and press the Save settings button from the bottom.

Netlink ONT as Router configuration

ONT will reboot and change the PC LAN IP address as per the changed LAN IP series. If you use the same series but different IP then no need to change the PC LAN IP address.

Login to FTTH ONU unit with a new changed IP address and proceed to wireless configurations.

Change WiFi SSID Network name

Now set up WiFi configurations to change default SSID and wireless passwords.

Network- WLAN

WLAN Basic

Enable Wireless

SSID:  ONT-WiFi name (create wifi name as per your choice, avoid using your personal information as to its visible to other users in wifi name).

Syrotech ONT firmware

Country– Choose your country name to compile with telecom regulations.

Save settings and proceed with Wifi security key configurations.

Change WiFi password

Go to Network- WLAN- Security options.

WPS setup-  Disabled WPS.

Manual Setup AP

Select SSID- ONT-WIFI (choose SSID name from multiple SSID lists)

Network Authentication– WPA2-PSK

WPA/WAPI passphrase– set wifi password.

Save and apply settings to save changes.

Fiber ont with WAN port

After saving settings go to mobile/Laptop WiFi settings and check new wifi names should broadcast.

Connect Internet Cable To ONT

If your ONU device has only one LAN port then disconnect the PC/laptop from the ONT LAN port and connect the internet cable.

Go to WiFi and check with the new wifi name the internet should work.

If your ONT support multiple Ethernet and you already connect to an internet cable then checking the internet should work.

Internet Not Working in Fiber ONT device

If you setup ONT as Wireless AP but no internet or limited connectivity issue in wifi then follow steps to fix internet issue.

  • Make sure your bind WiFI port with the Ethernet port from WAN settings.

Go to network-Internet

Port bind-

Select LAN1  and WIFI SSID option to bind together and check the internet should work.

  • Make sure you change the Laptop WiFi settings to DHCP mode after finishing the configurations.
  • Make sure the Internet cable is connected to the LAN port.
  • DHCP server is disabled in the ONT device.

Hope this user manual will help you to reuse extra laying fiber ont the device to work as a Wireless Access point to the extended wireless range and turn your home and office into a wifi hotspot zone.

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