The Best Free WiFi Captive Portal Login Page

Enable the Captive portal login page in your Home And Office WiFi router for guest access. see the best Free WiFi Captive Portal Login Page to secure hotspot WiFi users and enable social Hotspot login access to increase your brand popularity.

The Best Free WiFi Captive Portal Login Page

 The captive portal login one the most secure and popular ways to authenticate WiFi users. I have covered many security posts already to protect your internet and networks. In this post, you will get the best open source captive portal hotspot login page for WiFi authentication. There is the number of free captive portal software available supported by all popular brands WiFi routers. Today authentication using a captive page popular and secure way to protect and promote your business as well.

The captive portal also best and smart way to authenticate your hotspot using social login which increases your product and business popularity with every WiFi login. You can design the captive portal login page with your company and brand name and logo. most of the popular hotels, coffee shops, and much other use customize hotspot captive portal login page. Enabling the captive portal can be used with post and prepaid login option. To monetize your internet you can also use OTP based hotspot captive portal login.

You can also use captive portal authentication to provide guest access in your office with time and internet speed limit.

cloud based wifi captive portal

The List of Free Hotspot Captive Portal Login Page

You can use a free hotspot captive portal login page for personal and commercial purposes as well. This list includes an open-source captive portal login page for hotspot authentication so no need to worry about licensing.

  1. ChilliSpot
  2. Zeroshell
  3. Wifidog
  4. Coovachilli
  5. Pfsense

1: ChilliSpot

ChilliSpot one of the best and open source hotspot captive portal logins for Authentication. ChilliSpot is an open-source Wireless LAN access point controller and captive portal which authenticates users of a wireless LAN as well. It supports two methods of authentication Universal Access Method (UAM) and Wireless Protected Access (WPA). You can create your public hotspot protect using ChilliSpot captive portal.

Download Chillispot Captive portal Software Free Now

2: Zeroshell

 ZeroShell yet another best free hotspot login page for WiFi user authentication. It is not only Wireless Access authentication but also provides many features such as Load balance, VPN, and QoS. Using the Captive portal login page a trending way to provide public hotspot access with security. You can customize the ZeroShell captive portal with your company logo and information to advertise and promote your business. It is a Linux based captive portal as well as Firewall security access gateway software.

You can download Free ZeroShell with installation documentation from the official website.

3: WiFiDog

WiFiDog open source captive portal supported multi-language based on Linux distribution. It is a captive portal inbuilt supported by OpenWrt, DD-WRT, Linksys WRT54G, and many other popular brands WiFi Access Points. The best thing about the WiFidog hotspot solution is you can create your own captive portal for your small Coffee shop, Pizza shop and any other outlet. It can integrate with any small home router powered by OpenWRT or DD-WRT firmware. WiFidog captive portal provides a direct login option with registration for new wifi user having a valid Email ID.

4: Coovachilli

Another popular captive portal is CoovaChilli. CoovaChilli is an open-source software access controller for the captive portal (UAM) to provide a secured WiFi Access to the guest user. The captive portal login solution required in every hospitality, college campus, and Public area as well. CoovaChilli provides you captive login portal as well as Radius solutions. IT is integrated with OpenWRT and DD-WRT firmware. Y can turn your normal WFi router into a hotspot authentication gateway using OpenWRT firmware.

Download CoovaChilli Captive portal source code Now

5: Pfsense

Pfsense yet another best open source firewall solution for any size networks. It is also one of the popular and secured and responsive captive portals solutions for Desktop and smartphone as well. It is available with standalone hardware version charges base and software free. You can manage any size Wireless user to authenticate using pfsens captive portal login page to block unauthorized access of WiFi internet. Use any computer to install Pfsens and customize with your own company details to promote business with the captive portal login page. The pfsense captive portal custom login page is a smart way to promote your brand using Free WiFi Access. You can get some pfsense captive portal login page template download with customize size and design.

Download PfSense Firewall and Captive portal solution Now

Final Word

To provide secured WiFi access with managing log recorded captive portal solution required. The above captive portal solution fully tested by thousands of customer and provide regular update for new features. You can create your own business captive page and increase the popularity of the brand by managing WiFi internet access as well. Try the above list of Free WiFi Captive Portal Login Page to design your own business and product page and grow your sales as well as popularity.


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