iBall WRB303 WiFi Repeater Mode configuration

iBall WRB303 300Mbps WiFi Repeater Mode configuration

iBall WRB303 WiFi Repeater Mode configuration with non-iBall brand wifi router to improve low signal quality to excellent signal connectivity.

iBall WRB303 300Mbps WiFi Repeater Mode configuration

iBall WRB303 and WRB304N  300mbps wifi router for home internet with double antenna. It has 1 WAN and 3 LAN ports for wired connection for Desktop PC, NVR, and other wired equipment. Router support AP, WISP, and Repeater mode as per requirement can be configured. In this post, you will get simple configuration steps for iBall wrb303n wifi router repeater mode for a boost Wi-Fi signal in a dark area. To setup iBall n300 wifi router as repeater mode require a physical connection from a laptop or desktop.

iBall WiFi Router connection from Laptop

To change repeater mode in iball wifi router connect the router with the power adapter that comes with the box.

Connect the Lan cable to any LAN port and direct connect Laptop/PC LAN port to access the web interface.

LAN IP configuration of Laptop LAN

iBall Default IP  so configure Laptop LAN IP with the same series IP.

EXP: to Laptop LAN.

Login iBall WRB303N WiFi Router

Once the connection has done now open the web browser and access the default IP

default login password: admin

Click the login button to enter in settings

iball baton repeater mode

select WAN type dynamic IP  and set the wireless password to proceed with the login.

Click the save button and log in iBall router.

iball baton ib-wrd12en 1200m

Iball WiFi Router LAN IP Change

before the setup in repeater mode change the default IP to the same series of the main wifi router.

Suppose your main internet wifi router IP is  so use in iBall wifi router.

Iball default IP is which is the common default IP of the most brand router so it is recommended to change the LAN IP address before configuring as range extender mode.

Iball N300 Wifi router Operation mode setting

To setup the iBall router as a range extender required to change the operation mode to the universal repeater.

Universal repeater mode lets allow you connect the iBall wifi router with any brand wi-fi ap in repeater mode.

Go to the Operation Mode option from the left side menu.

Select Universal Repeater as shown below image.

 iball baton bsnl configuration

Connect Main WiFi AP to iBall repeater

when you select a universal repeater option in operation mode you will get all wifi names running near your device.

Find your wifi name from the list and select it as shown below image.

Type wifi password of main wifi router to allow iBall repeater to connect in wireless repeater mode.

Click the save button to apply settings

Universal Repeater - Iball Baton IB-WRA300N3GT User Manual


Click the OK button to reboot the repeater device and wait for the device restart to finish

Turn a router into a wireless repeater and boost your home network

 Wifi Router will take a few seconds to reboot the repeater device. Once the reboot finish, Go to wifi connection and see the main wifi name will show the full signal bar before getting a good signal only.

Connect the repeater device and test the speed and the signal issue should solve.

Iball Repeater Placement

Repeater device placement is very important to get proper speed and performance in the repeater area. Find a central location from the main AP and the repeater can get at least 50% signal to be connected in good condition.

Never put the repeater device inside the cupboard and under the table. Find an open area in which a clear line of sight from the host wifi AP and signal can travel freely.


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