How do I setup my Maginon WiFi extender?

Maginon WiFi Range Extender Login and Setup

Simple user manual to setup and Login the MAGINON WiFi Range Extender with the non-maginon wifi access point to increase wifi range and speed.

Setup and Login MAGINON WiFi Range Extender

Maginon AC755 and MAGINON WLR-753AC all are dual-band 11ac WiFi range extender to boost Wireless signal as well as internet speed. You can connect Maginon wireless repeater device with any brand wifi access point to extend your poor wifi signal range to a larger area.

You can configure Maginon WLR-753AC and other range extenders either using mobile apps and web interface login from the computer. Setup Maginon wireless range extender bit simpler from mobile apps then configure from PC/computer. However, this Maginion WiFi range extender user manual will provide you with configuration steps from mobile apps as well as a web interface.

Default Login Settings for Maginon Range Extender

Maginon WLR-755 AC Default Login IP Address:

Default username – “admin”

Maginon default Login Password- “admin”

Setup Maginon Repeater Device from computer

The first method to install and setup Maginon extender device using Pc/Laptop.

Maginon WLR-755AC range extender and other Range extender device physical two Ethernet port LAN and WAN.

  • Connect LAN port to a computer for a wired connection or use default extender wifi SSID to connect using the WiFi network.
  • Connect extender device to the power socket and follow further installation instructions.
  • Go to Pc/Laptop TCP/IPv4 settings and select Static IP address and use 192.168.10.l0 as Static IP. | How to login router

Login WLR-755 AC Web interface

Open a web browser and access http: // and wait a few seconds until extender login page loads.

Use the default login password “admin” for the first time setup.

You can change the Interface language from default English to any other as per your country.

maginon wifi range extender wlr-760 ac

Press the “Login” button to access the repeater settings page.

Connect Extender To Host WiFi network

After login extender device will start scanning for all wifi networks running nearby.

Find your wifi name from the list and select to join from the Maginon range extender.

If you didn’t get your WiFi SSID name use the “search network again” option and make sure you are near a WiFi router to get a good signal range.

maginon wifi range extender manual

In the next option, you have to provide an existing Wi-Fi password to allow connection from the extender device.

Connect to – your existing Wi-Fi name

Wi-Fi password– provide your main wifi password.

New SSID- create a new WiFI name for an Extended network.

Press the “Connect” button and wait until range extender saving settings.

maginon wifi range extender manual

Once Configuration saved go to mobile wifi and check Extender SSID should show in the WiFi network.

Use the Password to connect Maginino Range extender and enjoy wifi range for the larger area are facing the low signal issue.

The next Method is Setup extender from Mobile Apps.

Setup Maginon Wireless Range extender from Mobile

Go to Play Store and Apps store and download “Maginon WiFi Extender” mobile apps.

Follow the steps below now.

1: Power on MAginon extender and connect with default WiFi name as printed to extender sticker.

2: Open Mobile apps and choose your Maginon WiFi extender model from the list.

Maginon WLR 310 AUS, Maginon WLR 510 ,Maginon WLR 520, Maginon WLR 750 AC

Maginon WLR 755 AC, Maginon WLR 760 AC.

3: Wait for a few seconds until WiFi repeater scanning for wifi network running nearby.

4: choose your Existing WiFi name from the list and provide Password in the next steps.

5: Press Connect your WiFI network and provide the WIFI key of the current wifi network.

6: Wait until settings save and setup wizard complete.

7: Go to Mobile WiFi and connect Repeater SSID again and check the internet should start work.


Maginon Range extender Best Placement

You need to pick the best location to get high performance of your extender device without dropping internet speed and wifi connectivity.

  • Choose a centralized location to place an extender device from extender can get at least 50% signal of host WiFI network.
  • Never put range extender device under cupboard and inside box.
  • Do not close the extender device’s external antenna and keep them on the vertical side.

Cisco DPC3825 Wireless Cable modem Login


Maginon Extender Login and connection Problem Troubleshooting

You might face error while login and connecting range extender device to Wifi network, can be many reasons.

Range Extender Login IP not working in PC

  • Make sure you are connected to the Extender LAN port instead of connecting WAN port to access the web interface.
  • Make sure you configure a static IP address from series to make range extender in the same network.
  • Check the address by typing in the right form. http://192.168.10.l is correct
  • http//:192.168.10 .1 is wrong so check any typing mistake that leads to an error.

How to Solve This site can’t be reached Error

Maginon WiFi Range Extender Not connecting to the internet

If your range extender router is configured but the internet not working when connecting to the extender SSID then follow steps to fix the limited or no internet issue.

  • Check the WiFi Password of the main router correctly typed while connecting to the repeater device.
  • Make sure the Repeater device getting at least a 50% signal from the host WiFi router.

If you still facing any error or connection issue you may reset your extender device and set up fresh.

How to reset Maginon Range extender

  • Reset Extender using the reset button within a few steps.
  • Connect Range extender device to a power socket.
  • Locate a small reset button near Ethernet ports.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds until the device LED blinks and rebooting start.
  • Wait a few minutes until the reboot process finishes.


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