How to Factory Reset ACT Router if Password Forget?

How to Factory Reset ACT Router?

ACT fiber net provides internet over fiber network cable and using multiple different Fiber ONT and WiFi routers that are power by different manufacturers such as TP-Link, Tenda, Digisol, D-Link, and many more. Your ACT Fiber net is probably configured with a TP-Link C20 WiFi router or any other that supported ACT internet connections.  ACT fiber router required to factory reset if you forget login username and password after making a change or your WiFi internet not performing or might be facing WiFi disconnection problems. There is two ways to reset the ACT router either using the reset button or using a soft reset from the web interface.

Making ACT router reset from web interface you need to login router settings that bit safe method because you get the option to backup configuration. The hard reset method is useful if you are completely locked out and unable to login router settings due to forgot login password. if you looking ACT fiber net router reset guide with a safe method then just follow this user manual to restore your ACT Fiber router configuration.

ACT Router Reset from the Web interface

Factory restore router settings using login method also called a soft reset. You can reset the router if facing any network or connection problem and are not sure what’s wrong. Before making a soft reset always download a configuration backup file to restore the configuration post reset process to avoid long downtime for your internet connections. Follow steps to reset ACT net router to restore into default mode.

How to Check Who is connected to My WiFi

  • Power ON your ACT router using a DC adapter if already not connected to power.
  • Use LAN cable from Router LAN port to PC LAN port for wired connection.
  • Use WiFI to connect ACT router without wired. For default mode use default WIFI SSID and password as given below.

ACT Wireless Password- act12345



  • Make sure computer LAN settings are in DHCP mode to get IP from ACT router DHCP server.
  • Open web browser and access or for TP-link ACT router.
  • Use username “admin” and password [email protected] as default login password or admin/admin for ACT fiber net router or if you already changed admin password use same to login settings.
  • Once login to router control panel now follow steps to reset the router.
  • Go to System Tools- Factory Default option as shown below image.
  • reset ACT fiber net router

You will prompt a message informing you about restore settings to ask for confirmation to make a router reset.

“All current configurations will be lost once the device is restored. Would you like to continue?”

Press the OK button to access reset.

 Note:  Before making a reset make sure you have to download the router settings backup file from the Backup & Restore option to restore settings after resetting the router.

After making the router to default mode log in to ACT router again and restore the configuration file you saved previously.

This is a soft reset method that needs to login router. If you are completely locked out and unable to access router settings then you have a way to access router settings using the hard reset method.

Factory default ACT Fiber Net using Reset button

Hard reset is a fail-safe 30-30-30 reset method that works with every brand router to get access if you forget your login password and are unable to access settings. You have to find a small tiny reset button location that might differ for each brand and model. Follow the steps below to proceed with the ACT Wi-Fi router reset.

  • Locate reset switch near Ethernet ports or power button.
  • Use a needle or pin to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds and the release button.
  • The router will automatically reboot and takes 2-3 minutes to finish the reset process.
  • Ping ACT default IP address as printed to ACT router sticker to confirm configuration restored successfully.
  • Login again ACT router and configure as per your internet settings provided by ACT supports.

hard reset ACT fiber router

Final Words

If your ACT broadband router is from different brands and reset steps might be different as shown above steps, you can use the hard reset method. You can also drop a mail with your ACT router model name and brand name to get a reset guide for the same router model that may help you to restore your settings in easy way. ACT Fiber net also uses different brands fiber ONU device before router so hard reset method also will work to making ACT ONT to factory default.


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