How to Upgrade TP Link Firmware Version

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TP Link Firmware upgrade | Archer C20 AC750

To keep run wifi router problem-free and improvement of performance firmware upgrade required. Upgrading firmware version to the latest version fixes a lot of bugs and connectivity issues and also adds extra features in the router. If you’re TP-link C20 router missing range extender mode or any other feature that available in the latest hardware version than you should upgrade firmware to the latest available version.

You need to upgrade the firmware if you feel your wifi internet frequent connect and disconnect that may cause of missing tp link drivers that control wireless. Updating firmware can fix all the issue comes due to long time running wifi router without any upgradations. Firmware upgrade manual similar for all tp-link routers either single band and Archer Cr700 and other models.

Check Current Firmware Version in TP Link WiFi Router!

To update the firmware with the latest version you must know the current version installed in the router so you can upgrade to the next version and avoid downgrade version mistakenly.

Two ways to check the current hardware version and firmware version in the wireless router.

Connect your router using wired connect from LAN port to computer/laptop LAN port.

Recommended physical wired connection for tp link firmware upgrade. Don’t use the Wifi connection to update firmware this can brick your router if connection disturbs during the upgrade process.

  • Open a web browser and access and for TP-Link ADSL
  • Use “admin” for default login username and password if not changed before.
  • Click on Status tab to check router hardware and software version along with other information such as Mac address, configuration.


Firmware Version: 0.9.1 4.16 v0001.0 Build 181226 Rel.556n

Hardware Version: Archer C20 v5 00000005

tp link archer c7 firmware upgrade

How to check the firmware version in TP-link?

The second method is to go to System Tools- Firmware upgrade.

See the installed firmware version showing that is the current version.

Check current hardware version and firmware to download upgraded versions from tplink official website.

Note: only download firmware from the official TP-link website to avoid any wrong firmware that can permanently damage your wireless router.

Download TP-Link C20 Latest firmware file

  • Now visit the TP-link official website to download firmware.
  • Download firmware
  • Search your router model to download the latest firmware.
  • Select the Hardware version for your router model number as check-in Status page.
  • TP-link Archcer C20 V1, V2, V3, V4 or V5.
  • Go to the Firmware button as shown above image.
  • You will get a list of all firmware with the release date.
  • Check the recent release date and download the firmware file to drive.

openwrt firmware for TP-link Archer C20

You will get the firmware with the upgrade and user guide zip file you need to extract firmware from zip file first.

Right-click on the file you downloaded and choose the Extract file option.

The firmware file will look like-“ Archer_C20v5_UN_0.9.1_4.17_up_boot[200526-rel70733].bin

Upgrade firmware from the web interface

Once firmware latest version downloaded now login router web interface again to upgrade.

Go to System Tools- Firmware Upgrade option from the left side menu.

Firmware_upgrade _ Choose file

Select the firmware file you extract in a folder.

tp link ac1750 firmware upgrade

Press the Upgrade button and wait for 4-5 minutes until the upgrade process running.

Upgrading– After the upgrade, please wait for the device to reboot.

tp link adsl router firmware upgrade

Ping TPlink default Login IP address 192.168.o.1 and wait until router upgrade finish and IP address pinging.

To confirm firmware version upgraded or not go to the status page and see the firmware version should change with the latest version.

This user manual for firmware upgrade in the TP-link supported model as shown below.

Archer AX20, Archer AX6000, Archer AX50, Archer AX10, Archer, C5400X Archer A10, Archer C5400, Archer C4000, Archer C3150 V2, Archer C2300, Archer A9, Archer C7, Archer A7, Archer C60, Archer C6, TL-WR902AC, TL-WR941HP, TL-WR820N, Archer C3200 Touch P5, Archer C9, Archer C8, Archer C1200, TL-WDR3500, Archer C50, Archer C20, TL-WR1043N, TL-WR940N, TL-WR1043ND, TL-WR845N, TL-WR841N, TL-WR840N, TL-WR740N, TL-WR710N, TL-WR720N, TL-WR702N,TP-Link AC1200

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