Login ACT Fibernet WiFi Router?

How to Login ACT Fibernet Router?

 ACTcorp and provider fibrenet is popular internet provider in India. It provides act fibernet plans more than 100Mbps over fiber cable. If you are ACT fiber net subscriber and using ACT internet plan and not sure how to login Act router installed for WiFi internet with your connection then this guide will help you to set up ACT Router with simple steps. ACT internet use many various WiFi router brands such as TP-link, iBall, Tenda, Belkin, D-link, and many more depend on the internet plan speed and customer requirement.

Apart from ACT Wifi router, you are also free to use your own router with ACT internet connection with the support of ACT corp support team. You can also login router if you buy router yourself and want to setup with ACT fiber net with help of this ACT configuration manual.

Steps to Setup ACT WiFi router settings

The first step is a connection with the router either using a wired or wireless connection.

  • ACT internet connected with fiber cable so a small fiber ONt device installed before the router.
  • From ONT LAN port to your WiFi Router WAN port RJ45 cable should connect.
  • Connect LAN cable from WFi Router LAN port to computer LAN port or use Default WiFi SSID name and password printed to Act router sticker for first time setup.
  • Go to computer Network settings and Change TCP/IPv4 to DHCP mode.

login password for

Default Login Settings for ACT Fibernet Routers

ACT internet use multiple different router brands to find default login password and IP address for ACT fibernet routers.

TP-Link Archer C5 AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router default Settings

Login URLtplinkwifi.net

ACT Wireless Password- act12345



Login Password- [email protected]

For other ACT Routers find default settings below.


Router Name IP Address Username Password
Cisco or Linksys192.168.1.1adminadmin
Net gear192.168.1.1adminpassword
Belkin192.168.2.1Click on Login in Home(blank)
i-Ball Baton192.168.1.ladminadmin
Digisol192.168.2.1admin1234 or admin


You can also find default login credentials printed to the router backside sticker.


Login Router Web interface

Open a web browser and access http://192.168.o.l or tplinkwifi .net Url for TP-link and use default IP as per brands mentioned in the above list and printed to router sticker.

Use login credentials and change the new login password for the first-time login.

ACT Fibernet Support Wifi Router Set Up

After login to act settings now make configuration for WAN and wireless settings. | How to login router

Configure WAN Settings for ACT Username and password

You need PPPoE username and password provide by ACT to setup your wifi router in PPPoE mode. Contact act fibernet customer service if you don’t know WAN settings about your internet connection.

Go to Internet Option in the settings menu.

Choose Internet connection type- PPPoE

Username– act username

Password– act password

Save settings and proceed with further configurations.

Change Default ACT WIFI SSID and Password

ACT default wifi name and password detail printed to the router so it is highly recommended to change default wireless settings.

Go to Wireless- BASIC option from

Wireless Settings

2.4GHz wireless

Network Name (SSID)- change this name as per your choice

Password– Set Password for 2.4 GHz

5GHz Wireless   Enable Wireless Radio

Network name SSID- ACTFIBERNET-5G (change wifi name for 5G)

Password- set a new wifi password for the 5Ghz band.

act fibernet loginACT

Press Save button confirm settings.

Troubleshooting ACT Fibernet Internet connection

If you are facing any error while access router log in IP address and router settings page not responding or taking too long time then follow steps to fix the login issue.

ACT Fibernet Login IP Address not working

If default login IP not working for your ACT internet connection routers than you may fix the issue as followed below steps.

  • Make sure login IP address printed to sticker not changed already by ACT engineer during the installation of an internet connection.
  • Make sure your PC/Laptop LAN Network settings in DHCP mode.
  • Check the typing mistake while access IP address. Use  instead of using http//:192.1680.1 or any other miss typing.

If still can’t login act router than you may factory reset ACT fibernet router or contact ACT support number.

How to Factory reset ACT Router?

You may use reset option to restore router settings in case forget login username and password after modifying default settings. IF you facing any issue in wifi connectivity then making reset also fix a lot of performance or wifi connect -disconnect errors.

  •  Locate a small reset button beside Ethernet ports.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release when the router led lights to blink.
  • This process may take 2-3 minutes so keep the wait until router reboot and restore to default settings.
  • Try login again with default settings.


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