How to Enable and Disable Facebook Profile Picture Login

How to Enable and Disable Facebook Profile Picture Login

Facebook profile login is a one tap login to avoid the type username password every time. Today most of the people active on Facebook every time and while using Facebook in PC it required to login every time. To reduce the time to login Facebook added a new feature profile picture login for web-based users.

After launching this one tap login feature some user like but some does not like due to privacy reason. While we enable profile picture login in Facebook it saves a profile pic in the web browser and not required type email or mobile number to log in. This feature not good if you use your Facebook profile in office PC secretly, because it saved your profile picture login thumbnail in the browser you used. to use faster facebook try the shortcut code of facebook IMO.

However, if you used your own computer than Facebook profile picture login is useful for you to faster login. It is an authentication method for faster login for your profile and does not require to remember your FB email Id or username.

It is user choice feature and can be enabled/Disable as per Facebook user choice. You required to access your profile settings to enable and disable profile login in Facebook account. Save the time to log in your profile with Facebook profile picture login. Follow the steps to enable profile picture login.


Turn Off/ON Facebook Profile Picture Login

To turn off or Turn ON Facebook profile login is simple like you make a wall post. To setup profile picture login you required FB account password and enter in settings.

Login your Facebook account to Enable Login with Profile Picture.

Click on the top menu down arrow and click settings from the menu.

facebook profile picture login turn off

Go to Security and login option from left side vertical menu as shown below image.

Log in using your profile picture – click the Edit button to enter into settings.

login with profile picture facebook android

Inside Log in using your profile picture settings you will get an option to enable or disable the profile login feature as per your choice.

Click the “turn ON Profile Picture Login” to enable profile picture login in your FB account.

There are two types of option available for one tap profile login feature.

  1. Use password
  2. Remember Password


1: Use Password: in this option, you need to type the password every time you click on the profile picture to login.

To enable this feature use password option should available inside Log in using profile picture settings.

profile picture login facebook app

This option is more secure to protect from un-authorize login if you enable the profile picture login picture in your Office PC.

2: Remember Password

In this option, you no need to type the password to login your FB account using a profile picture. Your username and password will save in browser you login and enable the feature.

Use the remember password in option if you do not want to type the password to login.

How can I log in to Facebook app by tapping on my profile picture?

Remember password can be harmful and Couse of UN-authorize access to your profile. If you turn ON profile picture login feature with remembering password than make sure you own than PC/Laptop you enable the feature.


How to Disable Profile Picture Login in Facebook?

If you have enabled the feature in PC you do not own then you can simple disable feature to remove profile login.

Go to SettingsSecurity and login

Click on the edit button of Log in using your profile picture.

“Turn off profile picture login” option to disable profile login in Facebook profile.

how to activate profile picture login

Final Word

Login using profile picture login is a great way to faster login for your profile. Do not forget while enabling this feature that PC/laptop you own. If you used Facebook in office PC than always enable the feature with user password option to protect login by anyone.


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