Login Tenda F9 600Mbps Wireless Router Setup

Login Tenda F9 WiFi Router for First Time Setup

Tenda F9 single band 600Mbps wifi router with 4x 6dBi High-gain Omnidirectional for long-range coverage. F9 wireless router support 4* 10/100Mbps LAN and 1 10/100 Mbps WAN. Tenda 600Mbps router support multi wireless mode such as client router, AP, Repeater  (Range Extender)as well as WISP mode. To use the Tenda router need to login and set up the first time for internet connection supported Static IP, PPPoE, or DHCP mode. This article will help you to Setup a Tenda F9 WiFi router for the first-time configuration for broadband internet connections.

You can setup Tenda F9 router from Tenda Apps as well as web interface login from Laptop or computer. You need to connect Tenda broadband router either using wired or wifi connectivity with the default SSID name. Unbox Tenda F9 600Mbps wireless router and follow the steps to setup the first time.

Default Login Credential for Tenda F9

Default Login URL – tendawifi.com or Login IP Address-

Default Username- NA   Password – NA

You can also find router login settings and default WIFI SSID name and password printed to router sticker.

Steps to Login Tenda 600 Mbps Router

The first step is a physical or wireless connection with router and internet connection coming from ADSL modem or Internet providers.

  • Connect internet cable coming from modem/ Internet provider / Fiber ONT LAN port to Tenda WAN port.
  • Connect LAN cable from Tenda Router LAN port to PC/Laptop LAN port or Default WIFI SSID from mobile or Laptop WIFI.
  • Power ON router with DC adapter comes with box.


Login Web interface

Open the web browser and access  or tendawifi.com and wait for the loading router page.

After a few seconds, you will get Tenda setup wizard page where you can choose internet type and wifi settings.

To skip the wizard and enter to Advance settings mode select internet type DHCP and press the OK button to confirm. You will land to router settings where you can manually setup WAN, WI-FI, LAN, and other configurations.

WAN Internet Settings Configuration

You required WAN internet type and WAN internet settings to configure the router for internet.you can contact your internet provider to get internet settings details

If Internet type PPPoE then get dialup username and password details and if internet type is Static IP, get an IP address, Default gateway and DNS details from ISp.

Once internet settings ready with you follow steps to configure the WAN port.

Go to the Internet Settings tab from the left side menu.

Operation Mode- Router

Internet Connection Type- PPPoE,  DHCP  or STATic IP address

Select internet type as supported your broadband connection and provide details.

PPPoE–  Username


Static IP Address

IP Address– (Ask ISP)

Subnet Mask–

Default Gateway–

Primary DNS–

For DHCP mode router will get IP address automatically from the DHCP server.

cara setting tenda f9

Press OK button to save settings. Once WAN settings finish following the next steps for Wireless settings.

Setup Wireless SSID and Password

Router pre-configured with default SSID and No password in default mode so always change router before using to internet.

Wireless Settings –  WiFi On/Off ( Keep button to Green)

WiFI name and password

WiFI Name- WIFI (change WIFI SSID name as per your choice)

Security Mode- WPA/WPA2-PSK Mixed

WiFI Password- Set WIFI password (use alfa numeric mix key combination password to protect WIFI access from unknown users.

Tenda F9 600MbpsJangkauan Router Wi-Fi Seluruh Rumah

WIFI Signal Strength– Set the Wi-FI range for the router as per your home and office size.

Strength – High for enabling full wifi range.

WIFI schedule– To setup a wifi schedule set the time and days you wish to activate wifi internet.

Press the OK button to save settings.

Change Login Password

In the default mode, there is no login password configured in Tenda F9, so it is highly recommended to set a stronger login password to protect the web interface.

Administration- Login Password

New Password- Tenda login password (create a new login password for your router)

Confirm New Password- confirm the password again to avoid spelling mistakes.

cara setting tenda f9 sebagai access point

Press the OK button to save settings and log in again with a new Password.

After WAN, Wireless, and LAN settings you router ready to work in a live internet connection. Check WIFI and Wired connection for the internet should work.

If you looking to change WIFI password to an older router and unable to log in or can’t access the Tenda login IP address then follow the reset method for router settings restore.


Factory Reset Tenda F9 Wireless Router

Resetting the router using the reset button takes 3-4 minutes to restore router configuration to factory mode.

Follow steps to reset the router.

  • Locate a small reset button beside Ethernet ports.
  • Use a needle and press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and keep monitor power led light.
  • Router led light will turn off and turn on again quickly then release the button and wait until rebooting.
  • After a few minutes router will reboot and restore to default configuration mode.
  • Check the default login settings router sticker and follow the above steps to access it again.


This is the simple configuration manual for Tenda F9 600 Mbps wireless router to set up the first time for broadband internet connection supported to PPPoE, DHCP or Static IP type.


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