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Asus router login to change Wi-Fi name and Password

Asus WiFi router and broadband modem used for different operator internet services. Login into the Asus router or modem required to change the login password as well as other configurations. The first time setup for Asus can use default Asus router login settings that are printed to router label as well as user manual comes with box. However, if you are looking to log in old Asus router or set up first time Asus router to change any settings. You are reading this user guide means you tried login router or you may can’t log in to Asus router using default login steps.

In this post, you will get simple steps to access the Asus router settings page using default IP address and username password. Asus router needs to connect using wired or wireless to access the Asus router login page from the web interface.

Connect Asus Modem Router to Computer

Steps to login to Asus DSL modem or WiFi router are the same using wireless as well as wired connections.

As shown below image Asus RT68U Dual-band WiFi router connection with Desktop or LAPTOP.

  • Connect RJ45 LAN cable from Asus LAN Port (1-4 yellow) to Computer LAN ports.
  • Power on Router with DC adapter comes with the device.
  • Connect DSL cable or Internet cable for Router DSL port/ WAN port.

192.168.l.l asus router login

Default Settings to Login Asus

Asus default login IP address

Default username: admin

Login default password: admin

Make sure your PC/ laptop LAN settings in DHCP Mode.

Access router web interface to Web browser

Open any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and access login IP and press enter key.

After a few seconds Login username and password windows pop-up open.

Use Asus username and password to login router settings.

Once you are logged into the router control panel, you can change settings and passwords.

Change Asus WiFi SSID name and Password

Change wireless SSID network name and password during the first time setup of your internet connection. Asus router configured with factory settings so don’t forget to change Wi-Fi password and default login password to avoid unauthorized access.

Go Wireless under Advance settings from the left side menu.

Setup the wireless related information below.

1: Band: 2.4GHz or 5 GHz ( In dual-band router you have to configure both wifi band one by one)

2: Network Name (SSID): ASUS_AX88U (change this name to update your WiFi network name)

3: Wireless Mode: Auto  or Optimizes for Xbox (keep auto )

4: Authentication method: WPA2-Personal

5: WPA-Shared Key: Create a strong WiFi password for your Asus WiFi network.

6: Apply button – Press the apply button to save changes.

 Tips to update Password:

  • Always use a stronger Alfa numeric Wireless password and login password.
  • Never use personal information such as mobile number, date of birth, and other information.

t mobile asus router login

After 2.4 GHz band WiFi, SSID and password configuration select the 5 GHz band from Band options the first number.

Create a WiFi name for 5Ghz and set a strong password for 5 GHz. You can use the same SSID name for 2.4GHz and 5Ghz SSID to auto-connect mobile as per 5GHz network preference.

The next step to secured WiFi internet is to update the default login password during the first time setup.

How to Change Asus Login Password?

The simple way to change the login password for the Asus router and modem using a web browser.

Go to Administration option from the left side menu

Administration- System tab

Change the Router login password

Router Login Name:  admin (default login username)

New Password: Asus login password (make a strong login password)

Retype password: confirm the new password again to avoid spell mistakes.

You can use the Show password option to reveal the password to make sure you have type correct.

asus router login forgot password

Press the Apply button from the bottom to save settings

If you are facing trouble login into assus router or may IP address 192.168.l.l Asus router login not responding or taking a long time to respond due to network miss-configuration or any other issue.

How to factory reset Asus router?

If Asus router login not working or you may forgot Asus router login settings after setup first time than you have only way to hard reset router using the reset button.

Note: Making factory reset router will erase all configuration and you need to reconfigure router for your internet connections.

Only use a hard reset option if your internet settings details to configure again.

Steps to Hard reset Asus router

Power on Asus router and find a small reset button beside Ethernet ports.

Use the needle to press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds and release button when led blinking and router rebooting.

After router rebooting, router settings will restore to factory default settings.

Asus router Soft reset steps

If you are facing wifi disconnection issue, no internet and limited internet connectivity frequent with your Asus WiFi router then you should soft reset your router.

Before making a factory reset take the configuration backup so you can quickly restore the configuration file and your network run again.

Go to Administration- restore/Save/Upload settings tab

asus router remote login

1: Restore– Press restore button to factory reset router.

2: Save settings – Press save settings button to download the config file and keep it safe for restore configuration after the factory reset.

3: Upload– Once your router restores to default settings than upload configuration file downloaded earlier and restore configuration file.

This login user manual can use for model Asus RT-66U, RT-AC68U, and any other dual-band and single band wifi routers.


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