SetupMikroTik CSS610-8G-2S+IN

Setup MikroTik CSS610 8G 2S 10G Fiber Switch

 Login and Setup MikroTik CSS610 8G 2S 10G Fiber Switch

MikroTik CSS610 an Ethernet and Fiber switch with up to 10G uplink ports. It provides 8Gigabit Ethernet and 2 10Gbps SFP fiber ports. Fully supported VLAN, Port Isolation, and other security features that are important to run the network smoothly. CSS610 is configurable using a web browser so you need to access it with Mikrotik default login CSS610 is also preconfigured with a DHCP client that gets IP from your network if you are already connected to the internet. Just log in to the internet router and check the DHCP clients list to get MikroTik Fiber to switch IP addresses. In this article, you will get a simple way to log in and setup MikroTik CSS610 Fiber Switch. You can use an Ethernet port to access the MikroTik CSS610 switch. In default mode, all ports are configured with VLAN 1 which accepts all types of traffics. If you have Mikrotik css106-1g-4p-1s or Mikrotik css326-24g-2s+rm or any other from CSS series will be same login guide as provided t this manual

CSS610 8G switch can power on either DC adapter from DC socket or use Port one for PoE power. Uplink can use either from SFP fiber port if input UPLink fiber or use normal Ethernet ports if Cat6 Uplink. Unbox MikroTik CSS610 connect with the power and get ready to login device from a web browser.

Default Login Settings for MikroTik CSS610 8G 2S 10G

Default Login IP address for Mikrotik all devices are same so you and also printed to router sticker. You can also search using the Winbox configuration utility to get the Mikrotik Login IP address.

MikroTik IP Address – (if not connected to the internet)

If connected to the internet check the IP address assign by your router to login the MikroTrik CSS610 Fiber switch.

Default Username– admin

Default Password– Blank (no password set)


Login CSS610 10G fiber Switch Settings

To login to Switch, a physical connection is required with the switch using a LAN port. You can use any LAN port from 1-8 number to connect switch from computer or laptop device.

  • Unbox Switch from the box and find a DC adapter included with the device.
  • Connect DC power or use PoE from LAN1 to power on Switch.
  • Use a Cat6 Ethernet LAN cable from any LAN port to connect PC/Laptop for configurations.
  • Open the web browser and access and you will get a login username and password window popup.
  • Use default username “admin” and there is no password set so just press the login button to access switch settings.
  • SwOS/CSS610 login

Once you log in to switch you configure VLAN, Port isolation, Port protection, Forwarding, port mirroring, and other feature that are supported by CSS610 Switch. But the important is to protect switch access first by creating an admin login password so your network can run protect always.

Setup Admin Password for MikroTik CSS610

By default settings unsecured mode for CSS610 switch and before connecting to live network its highly recommended to create an admin login password to protect settings access. MikroTik switches login password updates and creates new is a bit simple from system settings. Follow steps.

  • Login to MikroTik CSS610 settings from the browser.
  • Go to the System tab from the top menu.
  • Scroll the page and find the Password change option in the last

CSS610-8G-2S+IN MikroTik Cloud Smart Switch with 8 Port

Old Password-  keep blank for default mode (if you already change default password use same as old password)

New Password- create a new admin login password as per your choice.

Confirm Password– type a new password again to confirm.

Press the Change password button from the right side to save settings.

Keep remembering your login password or store it in a safe place. Avoid write login password on the switch sticker or near the switch. Use a strong admin login password and avoid using personal information such as name, mobile number, and address that is easy to guess.

Apart from login, you can use the VLAN layer to separate your network or run multiple networks with the same network without using multiple switches to make separate networks.

If facing login issue with the default MikroTik IP address you may need to reset using the reset button to restore settings to default mode and try setup  CSS610 Fiber switch again from starting.


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