Login and Setup MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+In Switch

How to Login Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4s+In  Switch

MikroTik CRS305 Is 5 SFP port desktop switch that model number contains all hardware details. CRS means cloud router switch, 1G means 1 Gigabit,4 S means SFP port and In means PoE in also supported. MikroTik CRS305 Is a fiber desktop switch fully loaded with routerOs as like other MikroTik router boards. CRS305 SFP port supports up to 10 Gigabit speed and 1 copper port support 1Gigabit with PoE input. You need to Login MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+In 10Gb switch to manage each fiber port as well as enable loop detection, port isolation, and other security features.

You can manage this switch with Mikrotik RouterOS to connect your network with fiber cable and manage them in a simple way. Mikrotik crs305-1g-4s+in best desktop switch for fiber network to manage per port bandwidth and run a smooth network with monitoring each and every ports activity.  You need to login to the Mikrotik CRS305 10 gb switch to configure the SFP port and manage the network using the MikroTik Fiber switch. This post will assist you to setup and login MikroTik CRS305 5SFP 10gb switch.

3 Way to Login Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S

The best thing about the Mikrotik router board and router OS is you get multiple methods to access and setup with and without configuration utility.

Method1:  Login CRS305 with Winbox

Method2: Login Cloud Router Switch from Browser using IP address

Method 3: access router using Telnet or SSH

The three methods can use to configure microtel Switch and the router board depends on which method you feel easy and faster. Although here we will tell all methods to access your MikroTik CRS305 Fiber switch.


Method 1:  Login Mikr0Tik CRS305-4S with Winbox

Winbox is a free configuration tool to access MikroTik router firmware for configuration and setup. Download MikroTik Winbox free from MikroTik downloads. first method is my best to Login MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+In Cloud Router Switch and any other MikroTik wired or wireless devices.

Winbox configuration utility access RouterOS using Mac address as well as IP address. You no need to know the default login IP address of your Microtel router board to access your device web interface.

Steps to Login MikrTIk CRS305 Fiber Switch from Winbox


  • Download MikroTik Winbox.
  • Connect CRS305 MikroTik 5-Port Desktop Switch from Ethernet port to Computer/Laptop LAN port.
  • Power ON Switch with DC adapter comes with a box.
  • Connect SFP module to SFP port to connect fiber cable to SFP ports.
  • Open Winbox and click on the Neighbours tab.
  • You will get the Mikrotik CRS305 Mac address and RouterOS version detail with an IP address.
  • Select the Mac address and press the connect button. (in default mode no password required so if you already configured a password use the same to connect your switch to Winbox.

You will get a switch configuration page where you will get all settings and all ports available in interface options. You can manage and all the fiber port, configure VLAN, and other configurations.

The next way to access your MikroTik Switch is by using a Web browser.

Method 2: Access Mikrotik SFP switch from the Web browser

Accessing RouterOS from Web browser needs default login IP address, username, and password details.

Mikrotik CRS305 Login IP address –

Default Login username– admin

MikroTik Password– NA (No password)

Open a Web browser and Access to the URL bar and wait to load the Cloud router CRS305 switch web interface.

Go to the interface option to configure the SFP port and Ethernet ports.

Next Way to login using Telnet.

Method 3: Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4S Access with Telnet

Although configuration with telnet is a command base task and a faster way to setup MicroTik router board. You need to know the configuration command for Mikrotik RouterOS that also available in MiKroTik Wiki.

Access Mirktik with telnet need to use through IP address and you can use telnet clients such as command prompt, Putty, and other free utility available.

Open Putty and choose the telnet option.

Host Nam / IP Address –  Port-23

You will get the MikroTik Telenet window asking for a username and password to authenticate.

MikroTik V6.45.6 (stable)

Login: admin

Password-  (blank on default mode)

Press the enter key you will get the MikroTik RouterOS command interface.

Download Mikrotik terminal command user manual and setup your Mikrotik Desktop SFP switch.


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