MikroTik cAP AC Login and Setup

Step by step user manual for MikroTik cAP AC Login and configure first time in Router mode with internet type Static, PPPoE or DHCP.

Login MikroTik cAP AC 1200 Dual Band WiFI Router

Mikrotik cAP Home Wireless router series comes with different models from lite to high power Access point. There are three models that come under the cAP series, MikroTik cAP lite, cAP and the higher model with 11ac is MikroTik cAP AC. If you have any of the models then you can use this user guide to login and Setup the MikroTik cAP ceiling mount access point. MikroTik Cap Ac (RBcAPGi-5acD2nD)  supports dual-band WiFi with 1200 Mbps combined wireless speed and perfect looks for mount either wall or ceiling placement.

MikroTik cAP lite is low power single-band wireless AP for a small size home and Microtik cAP model single band Access point for medium size house and office. If your internet plan speed is more then 80Mbps then you MikroTik cAP AC1200 duel band router required. All the cap models support RouterOS and can configure as Access Point, Bridge, WISP mode as well as Router with hotspot gateway.

In this post, you will get a simple configuration manual to setup and login Mikrotik cAP AC Dual band ceiling mount access point from Winbox or using a web browser. cAP Ac support 2 Ethernet port with 100/1000 Mbps speed so you can connect AP using LAN cable for setup for your internet connection and create WiFi SSID and key.

Default Login Settings for MikroTik cAP AC1200

Although Winbox configuration utility makes this all default settings tasks and you no need to require what is the default login IP address and settings but if you want to login from a web browser you need login IP address.

Default Login IP address

Default login username– admin

Mikrotik default Password–  blank (No password)

Winbox configuration tools will make the discovery for Mikrotik IP address, Mac address, and firmware version and you can check all detail to logins.

CAP AC Wireless AP connection

  • Connect PoE injector to the Power adapter comes with device accessories.
  • PoE Inject PoE Out Port connect to Cap PoE Port (internet) using Cat6 LAN cable
  • PoE LAN connecter connects to Computer/LAN Port.

Now follow steps to log in to MirkoTik AP.

Login CAP AC From Winbox

Download WInbox latest version from Mikrotik official website free of cost.

Open WInbox configuration utility and press neighbor tabs.

You will get cAP AC IP address and Mac address with Routerboard models look like “Mikrotik cAP ac-RBcAPGi-5acD2nD

Select the cAP IP address or Mac address and press the Connect button.

Within a few seconds Winbox will launch AP settings where you can configure everything you want.

Configure MikroTik caP AC in router Mode

Once you accessed Router-os control panel now you can change the mode of your ceiling wireless access point ap cap lite and AC models.

This Tutorial makes it easy so here you will get configuration using a single-page wizard instead of making it complicated from advanced settings.

Go to the Quick Set option from the left side menu.

Change AP mode to Home AP Dual from the list.

MikroTik cAP ac (RBcAPGi-5acD2nD) setup

Step 1:  Wireless Configuration

In this step Change the default SSID and create a new WiFi name for both wireless band and set a new WiFI password.

  2Ghz 5Ghz
Network Name (SSID Mikrotik_4866FE

Change SSID and create new

Mirktik_4866FF (change SSID for 5GHz band as per your choice.
Frquency Use 1, 6 or 11 Use 5180 or keep Auto
Band 2Ghz B/G/N 5Ghz A/N/AC
Country Choose your country

Steps 2: setup WiFi Password

Create a stronger Wireless Key for AP caP dual band using alphanumeric nd special character mix.

3: Internet WAN Settings

In this step, you have to configure WAN port as supported your internet type from DHCP, STATIC or PPPoE.

Ask your internet provider to get internet Static IP settings detail or PPPoE username and password if internet type is PPPoE.

Select internet type and provider details accordingly.

DHCP– Will get auto IP address detail from the DHCP server.

Static IP– Provider Internet IP address, default gateway, and DND details (contact your internet provider)

PPPoE- ask a dialup username and password.

4: LAN Settings

If you are using multiple MikroTik caP ac models or any other models with the same default IP then must change LAN IP address.

IP Address – 192.168.88.l (change IP address with new series)

Subnet Mask- select subnet mask as per IP address class.

5:  DHCP server

Keep DHCP server Enabled

You can assign the specific IP address range used in the DHCP server.


6: Change MikroTik cAP AC Login Password

In the default mode, there is no login password configured in MikroTik AP so always set a login password to secure device access from unknown person those are connected to Networks.

Password– Create a Login password

Confirm password– provider password again to confirm.

Apply and save settings and check-in mobile, LAPTOP or any other wifi device new SSID should broadcast from MikroTik AC1200 dual-band AP.


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