MikroTik SXT Sq Lite5 Factory Reset [3Way]

Three method to make SXT Sq Lite Factory Reset using the software as well as hardware physical reset from button using a few simple steps.

How to factory Reset MikroTik Sq Lite5?

Mikrotik Sq lite5 is a low-cost CPE device to deliver internet at the client end. If you are using multiple SQ lite devices and faced login error due to forgetting password or login IP address not working only way to access is hard reset radio. If you are an internet service provider or using a Mikrotik CPE device in your wireless network and can’t access settings then this user guide will help you to restore SQ lite in default mode. Reset Mikrotik sxt sq lite and SXT device bit simple and quick method using the reset button and from the command line as well as from winbox configuration utility.

There is two way to reset Mikrotik SQ lite using the reset button and soft reset from web guide or Winbox. If you can log in sq lite but getting issues while connected with the base station access point and not sure about misconfiguration then you can make Mikrotik reset using Winbox utility. If you change the login password or forget the username or password and the admin user locked then have only way is to hard reset SQ lite using Mikrotik routerboard reset button to restore into default mode.

Factory reset SXT Sq Lite from Terminal

Reset configuration from the terminal is a simple command that restores router configuration into default mode. In default mode there Is no default MikroTik password configured so if you configure the login password during the first-time login then you need to log in to your MikroTik device.

Steps to factory reset from Winbox

  • Connect SXT lite or Sq lite5 device using PoE Injector comes with the device.
  • Connect PoE inject PoE Out port o Sq lite PoE port.
  • PoE Injector LAN cable connect to PC/Laptop.
  • Open Winbox configuration utility or use a web browser to access Mikrotik Sq lite IP
  • Login Sq lite router OS and open New terminal as shown below image.
  • Type command “system reset-configuration”
  • Dengours: confirm anyway – Y/N
  • Press Y for confirmation factory reset configuration.
  • System configuration will be reset. You will disconnect from routers and sxt sq lite5 device will reboot and take a few seconds to reboot into default mode.

MikroTik SXT Lite5 AC Point to Point Configuration

If you are not locally connected to the Mikrotik device then you can also use telnet or ssh to make a factory reset using the same command. You can access routerOS using the telnet command line and execute the same reset command.

The next method to reset Sq lite and other Mikrotik routerboard using the reset button to access router settings again if forget the login password or username.

“Note: Making routerboard to factory default will delete all configuration and settings configured in device. make sure you have backup configuration file before making to factry default or you have settings detail to configuration again post reset.”

Factory Reset from Button

In the Mikrotik routerboard and complete devices such as SXT, Base box, and another device there is a small reset switch available to restore settings to default mode. Making reset MikroTik configuration from reset switch is a physical process that can not be done remotely. If you have a MikroTik router device with you then you can factory default from the button. Follow steps to reset using the reset button.

  • Connect SXT lite device to PoE Injector PoE port and LAN cable connect to PC.
  • Use a needle or paper clip to reset the button.
  • Press the reset button and power ON Mikrotik PoE Adapter to turn on the device.
  • Release the reset button after 5 seconds of power on the PoE injector.
  • The device will show Plugged and then unplugged in PC if you monitoring the LAN connection.
  • Sxt lite device will reboot automatically and take 2-3 minutes to resetting into default mode.
  • Ping MikroTik default IP or refresh in winbox to get the default IP address.
  • Login with Mac address or IP address and setup from fresh configurations.

These reset methods you can use with Mikrotik wireless, router board, and base station models, as well as cloud core (CCR) series and another device, comes from Mikrotik brands.


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