The Best Free Employees monitoring Software for Any Size Team

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The list of best free employees monitoring software to maximize employee working output using employee computer monitoring software and grow business rapidly.

The Best Free Employees monitoring Software for Small and big business

To increase business depends on the output of employs efforts. It is not possible to monitor every employee every time for working activities. If your work based on a virtual team and cannot monitor physically your workers or maybe you get work from freelancer. There are many free and paid tools available to monitor every movement of your employs. It is very important to get a positive output from workers for small and larger size business. While using employ monitoring solution let you feel free from working activities during working hours at the office. Today most of the business based on online work such as e-commerce, blogging, online shopping, everything depend on the internet. This post useful for every business owner to monitor working activities to increase the output of every second during work time. I have sort listed some Best Free Employees monitoring Software for any size of business.

The best Employees monitoring tools for track work activities

While choosing productivity tools for your business growth always follow the feature and buying guide to avoid choosing the wrong products. Enjoy the complete list of an employee monitoring system to grow your business and productivity.

1- Kickidler

2-Time doctor



5-Active track


7- Desktime


1: Kickidler

Kickidler software – new generation of monitoring employees and tracking user activity

Kickidler helps automate the functions of controlling employees, securing information and increasing business efficiency.

The main features of Kickidler software include online monitoring of employees’ PCs, recording and reviewing their history of activity, analyzing their efficiency, tracking time and securing crucial information.

Kickidler can also help optimize communication inside the company, which is essential.

Kickidler Key features

  • Employee desktop live viewer
  • Video recording and history playback
  • Employee time tracking
  • Employee productivity analysis
  • Employee violations monitoring
  • Apps and website monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Stealth mode, no icon and task manager processes

2: Time doctor

employee monitoring software small business

Time Doctor one of the popular time tracking solution for professionals. You are a business owner or freelancer Time doctor monitoring software useful for tracking each and every click during working time. It provides time to the timed screenshot of working activities to avoid time wastage during office time. If you are unable to get 100% output from your employees due to no physical availability in the office every time. It is the best Free Employees monitoring Software for windows as well as Mac operating systems.

 Time Doctor Feature

  • Time Tracking
  • Screenshot monitoring
  • Web and Application monitoring
  • Payroll supports
  • Integration supports
  • GPS location tracking
  • Client Login
  • 14 Days trail free


 3:  Teramind

employee computer monitoring software open source

After time doctor Teramind yet another best alternative of time doctor for employ monitoring. Tracking user activity with capture every movement of working hour while you are away. Using employ monitoring you are not only the utilize every hour of office but also Evaluate Employee Productivity without physical sitting in the office. Virtually monitoring employ is the best way to get the full outcome and grow your business faster.


Teramind Features

  • Employee productivity analysis
  • Live view and history playback
  • IM (instant massaging) monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • FTP monitoring
  • Remote desktop control


4: Vericlock

employee computer monitoring software mac

The size of business and number of employees does not matter while you have a managed solution to track every second. Vericlock gives you peace of mind from monitoring your every employee during working time. It is a cloud-based time tracking system for monitoring virtual team and save time. Vericlock gives you freedom of monitoring your team from any place using mobile application or web. Using smart employ tracking solution can help you to grow business faster without pressurizing each employ during working hours.

The feature of Vericlock Time tracking

  • Fully cloud-based
  • Support reporting and real-time data
  • Alert and notification
  • Support real-time track from anywhere
  • Payroll integration
  • Available for web and mobile app


5: Activtrak

invisible employee monitoring software

Activtrak one of the best free employee productivity monitoring tools for the small and larger organization. It is interactive dashboard monitoring tools to help you to know output coming from your team. If you manage freelancer team this tool may help you to keep tracking your freelancer, while you are out of the office and analyze the productivity of your team based on the monthly report. If you are fighting to monitor your employee in the office always and cannot get more than 50% output than these tools best fit for you to help you to double output from every employee. ActivTrak is a cloud-based employee tracking solution for every size of business teams.


ActivTrak Key features

  • Monitor screenshots
  • Get email notifications
  • Monitor every user from a single dashboard
  • Schedule monitoring
  • USB drive Monitoring
  • Website blocking and reports


6: Hubstaff

employee monitoring software full version free download

The Hubstaff yet another best alternative employee monitoring solution software for Vericlock. Hubstaff is a best-paid employee monitoring tools for enterprise as well as medium-size business. It provides your real-time GPS geo-tracking with reporting. You can manage simply offline and online time tracking of your team from any place using Hubstaff. Create the invoice, project budgeting, and task management in a smarter way with monitoring teams. You can get free 14 Days trail with the full feature to test before buying the full version.


Key Feature of Hubstaff

  • Team scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Support Payroll
  • Online timesheets
  • Reporting and invoicing

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