How to choose Best CCTV Camera System for Home

Simple tips to know how to choose Best CCTV Camera for home and workplace security monitoring.

How to choose Best CCTV Camera System for Home

 Once upon a time, CCTV cameras are only used inside offices and public places, but now, due to the rapid growth of technology, CCTV cameras are widely used inside the home for various purposes. CCTV cameras now became a lifeline for recording important and uncertain events. There are three main types of CCTV cameras: Wired, Wireless, and IP camera. Everyone wants to buy the best quality CCTV camera but some time budget also matters.

Choosing the right CCTV camera for your home is never been easier. If you want to buy a security camera for home too, then here are some wonderful tips to choose the best CCTV security camera system for home purposes. Using this CCTV camera buying guide will help you to pick the best CCTV camera for your home.

Feature to Choose best CCTV camera for home

Beginner guide to buying the best CCTV camera for shop or any type of security monitoring. There are some tips to keep in mind while select best CCTV camera for home security.

Camera Quality:

Before buying any CCTV camera you should check the quality, higher resolution camera will capture the best image quality, High-resolution cameras are 720p & 1080p, always choose as per your requirements. But, remember, high resolution and high MP will take up more space on your hard disk space. It’s recommended, that you always choose higher resolution with a looping system.

 Camera Range:

Before buying a camera you must know how much distance area you want to monitor with CCTV camera. Whenever you buy any CCTV camera, always check the camera range. Long-range CCTV camera will reduce the camera quantity which will affect your budget also. While selecting CCTV cameras it’s important to consider lens size, wide-angle degree and memory for data storage and cover larger area size without reducing its video quality. For monitoring a campus or distance more than 1 KM area PTZ CCTV camera used. PTZ CCTV camera is the long-range camera which used in factory, street or larger organization security. The higher the range you get, the better the quality you will receive. A decent CCTV camera will have a minimum range of 12 to 15 meters. If you need more range, it can be a bit pricier as per your needs.

Camera Cloud Apps Available

Today everyone needs CCTV monitoring for home as well as an office but can you monitor it from any place. Must check the CCTV camera brand provide mobile apps to monitor your CCTV from any place without using static IP addresses? Always check the CCTV camera brand provide a cloud monitoring feature using Android and iOS apps so you can keep monitoring your home and office from any place you are sitting. Cloud feature let your help to monitor CCTV camera live using the internet.

Dome or Bullet:

Tips to Choose Best CCTV Security Camera System for Home

Do you want to monitor the indoor area or outdoor areas such as gardens, parks and any other area? CCTV cameras are mainly of two types, dome camera, and bullet camera. Each one serves its own purpose. Dome camera is specially build to capture the inner areas of home and bullet cameras are designed to withstand the outside environment like heavy rain or high exposure to sunlight. You should always select IP66 or IP67 CCTV camera while the installation is outdoor where weather affects the camera.

Price and warranty:

It’s always safe to buy a branded CCTV camera with proper warranty periods. So, go for higher warranty products from the list. If you buy a non-branded CCTV camera which is low cost but you may struggle to get a warranty and service always. Buying a branded camera will get you service and support after sales which is more important for long time CCTV installation for personal and large projects.


Calculate total cost:

Before buying a CCTV camera, clearly all the costs involved from buying the CCTV camera up to installation, there are various steps involved from buying to install. While buying branded CCTV camera home also go with good quality CCTV cable. Using low-quality camera cable will affect your HD video camera quality. Bad quality CCTV cable will also give you bad CCTV quality experience or may your CCTV camera showing black & White or not showing original color.

 Wired or wireless:

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It depends on your budget and buying requirement, if you buy wired CCTV camera, it can take up huge spaces for connection of wires and it takes huge time to install. But by adding some more budget, you can go for wireless, as it looks clean and it takes a few minutes to make you CCTV camera running.

While CCTV camera installation is for a larger area wireless camera may be more costly and wireless feasibility Site survey also matter. Before deciding wired or wireless camera proper site survey the cctv camera installation site to decide camera type should use.


Find Best CCTV camera Installation Location

Find the best location to install CCTV cameras which can cover maximum area so number of camera quantities can reduce your budget. Do a physical site survey before buying a camera for home so you can monitor the maximum area.

Always choose the right position for your CCTV camera, keep the camera angle as it can capture more and more areas.

Don’t Go for CHEAP:

Sometimes cheap becomes expensive and you might end up paying more cash. The best you can do is to buy quality and branded CCTV cameras for its long-lasting ability and you will automatically get the best result at the end. You may get a lot of options for low cost best CCTV cameras which also looks like a branded camera but video quality matters always. See the price and video quality also before buying cctv camera for office or home.

So these are some points which we felt important for those who want to buy CCTV cameras for their domestic purposes. CCTV helps you to protect from uncertain events by capturing every detail, so always choose your CCTV camera wisely. Follow the above point to get the best value for money CCTV surveillance camera system for home and office security. Download the CCTV camera datasheet and compare which will give more clarity to buy the right CCTV camera for your home.

Check popular CCTV camera brands to select the best camera.


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