D-Link DIR600 Wireless Router Setup for Home

Simple configuration steps for D-Link router first-time setup. follow the easy user guide for D-Link DIR600 Wireless Router Setup for Home.

D-Link DIR600 Wireless Router Setup for Home

D-Link DIR600 WiFi router 150N and 300N available for Home internet. It is a WiFi router with 4LAN and 1 WAN port supported DHCP, PPPoE, and Static internet type. D-Link DIR600M is a popular home wireless router with good performance. You may buy D-Link WiFi router for home internet from market or online and need to configure it. This post will help you to step by step configuration of D-Link DIR600M 150N. To Configure D-Link DIR 600M WiFi router need a physical connection from Desktop or Laptop. You can use D-Link DIR 615 Wireless router for static internet type, PPPoE internet type with any internet service providers. Keep ready internet settings with you to setup D-Link Wireless router. Also, read how to block the website in D-Link DIR600M WiFi Router.

D-Link DIR600M Wireless Router Physical Connection with Internet

To configure and setup D-Link WiFi router is a physical connection with internet cable. To access D-Link configuration utility need a physical connection to login D-Link router.

  • Connect Internet Cable coming from ISP to WAN port.
  • Lan port to PC/Laptop LAN port.
  • 12V DC in connecting power adapter comes with D-Link Router.


d link router troubleshootingLogin D-Link DIR600M WiFi Router First Time

Once the physical connection has done now see the step to login D-Link DIR600M WiFi router from Laptop. To Login D-Link Wireless router you need default login settings which you can find in the back side of Router sticker or User manual comes with box.

However, you can find D-Link DIR600 Default username and password here.

D-Link DIR600 Default IP Address-

D-Link Dir600 Default username- admin

Password- Blank.

Note: If you are planning to old D-Link router configure and forgot IP Address. You can reset D-Link DIR600M using reset button beside LAN port. Making Factory reset D-Link router will access with default IP address and login details.

Now configure your PC/Laptop LAN port to Access with the same series of D-Link Router default IP.

You can also use DHCP mode to auto assign IP Address from D-Link WiFi router.

EXP- use IP Address in LAN port.

Open Web Browser and Access D-Link Wireless Router settings.

Type and hit enter key to access the web page.

Use D-Link default username “admin” and NO password as given above steps

d-link dir-600 bx firmware downloadClick the Login button to access settings.

D-Link DIR600M WAN internet Settings Configuration

While configuring WiFi router for home need internet WAN settings provided by the Internet service provider. Please keep ready PPPoE user name and password or Static IP Address details.

Now Configure WAN Settings in Mydlink wireless router for home internet.

Go to Setup- Internet Setup

Choose WAN Access Type PPPoE or Static as per your internet connection.

d-link dir-600 change mac address

WAN Access Type- Static IP

IP Address:  use the Internet IP address provided by your internet providers.

Subnet Mask: provided by internet provider                .

Also, fill Default Gateway and DNS server option.

Click Apply Setting button from the bottom.


LAN and DHCP Server Setup in D-Link DIR600 WiFi Router

After WAN Configuration in D-Link router next important step change LAN IP Address and DHCP. IF you are using single D-Link WiFi router then you can keep default IP address but using multiple D-Link WiFi routers need to change the IP Address.

Go to Setup- Local Network

1: LAN Interface Setup

Change the LAN IP address in this box to make more protect your D-Link DIR600m WiFi router.

IP Address: Change IP Address here.

Subnet Mask: change subnet mask.

d-link dir-600 forgot password2: DHCP Server Settings

DHCP (Dynamic host configuration protocol) let you provide IP Address automatic while connecting to the internet. In every home WiFi router, DHCP server by default enabled so no need to update. However, you can disable the DHCP server if you wish to use static IP configuration for Desktop and user connected.

DHCP Mode: DHCP Server

IP Pool Range- add the start IP Address and End IP address provided to uses connected to D-Link wifi router.

DNS Server: you can add specific DNS server if you wish to add in local IP configurations.

Click Apply Change.

Note: Please Access D-Link router with new IP Address if you change LAN IP Address.


D-Link DIR600 WiFi Name and Password Settings

This is the important configurations steps to protect D-Link DIR600M WiFi router.

Configuration of Wireless name and password provide protection from unauthorized access. Always use strong Alfa-numeric password with latest WPA2-PSK security version.

Go to Wireless- Wireless Basic.

Name(SSID)- type WiFi name here for mydlink

Security Option- use WPA2-PSK(AES)

Pre Shared key – Type WiFi password.

d-link dir-600 installer free downloadClick the Apply button.

However, you can also connect D-Link DIR600m using the WPS button. You can enable the WPS button to connect WiFi without a password.

Final Word

This is the simple configuration guide for D-Link DIR600 WiFi router for home. You can also use this configuration manual to setup D-Link DIR615 and other DIR series WiFi router. Using proper configuration will always provide you a strong and problem free WiFi connectivity.


Download D-Link DIR600M Latest Firmware


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