How to Setup Router with TP-link Tether Apps

 Setup TP-link AC750 using TP-link Tether Apps

Settings up tplink wireless device bit simple and easy using TP-link tethering apps. Configuration of the router using a computer is a traditional and old way as well as time taking tasks. TP Link tether apps let you give faster setup method and centralize manage for all your TP-link devices. In this post, you will get a faster way to setup TP-link C20 AC750 using the TP Link tether app without using any computer and wired connection. TP Link tether apps free available and work with only TPlink products so no need to try with different brands such as Tenda, D-link, Netgear, etc.

How to Setup TP-link Tether Apps

Tether apps free available on Google play store for Android phone and App Store for iPhones.

Go to Google Play Store or Apps store and install TP-link Tether Apps.

These apps take 2-3 minutes depends on the internet downloading speed to download.

Once you installed tethering apps, create an account in Tether apps to manage your wireless device.

Email Address and password need to sign up for TPlink account so finish the process.

Physical Connection of AC750 WiFi Router

Before proceeding to configuration with tether apps make sure you have connected Wireless router with internet cable.

Connect Internet cable coming from ISP to Router WAN port.

Power on the router with an adapter comes with the box.

Steps to Access Router to Tether Apps

Follow step by step to access wifi router to TP-link Tether apps and configure without connecting to a wired connection with a computer/laptop.

Open the Tethering app and login with username and password you create during first time installation.

  • Connect Mobile with TP-link C20 Default WiFi SSID name or any tp-link router you are using.
  • Default WiFi password printed to the router sticker.
  • Go to the Mobile WIFI option and connect to TP-link SSID.

Open Tether apps and Press Add button to add the device.

http //192.168.l.254

TP_Link Tether apps support different device models and category so choose the device type you want to set up from mobile.

Choose the device you want to set up from the below option.

  • Router
  • Range Extender
  • Archer AX11000- Archer C5400X
  • Archer AX6000

tp-link tether app apk

For C20 press Router and any other TP-link device with WAN port or DSL modem or 3G/4G router use Router options.

In the next step choose the router type from the list.

  • Wireless Router
  • DSL Modem
  • 3G/4G Router


See the router model in the box pack and choose the option accordingly.

Press “Wireless router” for WiFi routers.

tp-link tether app for PC

In the next steps, you will get your router information if you are connected to the same wireless you want to setup.

Archer C20  (you will get your router model number such as Archer C5, Archer C6 )

Tap device model to login settings and setup roter.

If you can’t find your router in TPlink tether apps, make sure you are connected to the same router using default WiFi name and try reboot wifi router and check again.

TP-lnk firmware upgrade from Tether apps

When you tap to model number you will get a router login window asking for username and password.

Use default username – admin and default password – admin for login first time with AC750 and AC1200.

After successful login to wifi router, you will get wireless settings windows as shown below.

Wireless–  TP-Link_4B20 ( 2.4Ghz SSID) and TP-link_4B20_5G (5.8Ghz)

Press the wireless SSID to change the default wifi name and password for both bands one by one.

change WIFI password from TP-link tether app

After changing the SSID name you will get disconnected from the router.

Connect again with new WiFI name and refresh tether apps to configure more settings.

Guest Network– Press guest network tab to enable Guest WiFI SSID and password for both bands.

Configure PPPoE username and password for WAN

To work broadband connection you must configure WAN settings.

The Internet connection type can be Static, PPPoE, Dynamic.

Go to three horizontal lines on the left side top to explore the router settings menu.

Press internet settings option.

Choose internet type from PPPoE, Static, DHCP, or more.

For PPPoE provider username and password for dialup and static IP need IP address and default gateway options and DHCP will get IP automatic if DHCP server enabled.

Save settings and check the internet should start work on your phone.

If the internet not working or PPPoE not dialing in router make sure Internet cable properly connected to WAN port and you are using correct username and password as provided by Internet providers.

Visit 192.168.o.1 for Advance configuration such as port forwarding, schedule internet time, and more.


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