Factory Reset Orbi Router – Three Methods Reset Guide

How to Factory Reset Orbi Router ?

Netgear Orbi router is a whole home mesh Wi-Fi system to turn your home into a Wi-Fi zone without laying physical cables.  If any Orbi unit not working properly or facing an issue with connecting the master Orbi device just try Orbi satellite whole home wifi system reset. complete reset guide for Factory Reset Orbi Router using different methods.

This post will help you understand “how to factory reset the Orbi router” from the reset button or from the web GUI. Making an Orbi router factory reset is simple and easy with the reset button if you are unable to use or Orbi router connecting but have no internet or unstable connectivity will help you to fix all these kinds of problems.

There are two ways to reset Orbi Satellite from the Reset button as well as reset from Orbi settings possible with Orbi Android or iPhone app that is used for managing and setting up the Orbi router.

Orbi Whole-home Wi-Fi system is a mesh Wi-Fi system that connects with each other Units wirelessly and provides you with Wi-Fi range in every area of your home. But if you suddenly face no internet issue or connectivity issue then you can fix it with resetting the Orbi router either using the reset button or reset the Orbi router from Gui as well as reset using the Orbi Mobile app.


Note: Making an Orbi router factory reset will restore settings into default mode so only reset your Orbi unit if you facing any issues and it’s needed. After making the device you have to setup the Orbi satellite device again with Orbi Apps or web interface.


Factory Reset Orbi Using Reset Button

Making an Orbi Mesh router using the Reset button is a simple and fast method to restore settings to factory default. This method takes approx. 30-40 seconds to reset and restore configuration into default settings.

The hard reset process is a physical process so you must be near your Orbi unit to process hard reset with your Orbi router.

  • Power ON your Orbi unit that you wish to factory reset.
  • Locate the Reset button beside the Ethernet port or above the Power Socket.
  • Use a paper clip or needle to press the Orbi reset button.
  • Press the reset button and release when the Orbi unit LED light blinks amber.
  • Orbi unit will reboot after completing the reset process and restore to default mode.
  • You need to setup the Orbi unit again to connect with the main Orbi unit to boost the wifi range.

NETGEAR Support How do I reset my Orbi WiFi System to factory default settings?

The next way to reset the Orbi Mesh device is to reset it from the Orbi Mobile App.

How to Factory Reset the Orbi device using the Orbi Mobile App?

Making the Orbi unit reset with a mobile app is a bit longer process as it needs to connect the Orbi unit to your mobile or Master Orbi should added to your Mobile app either the Android or iPhone app.

If you already using Orbi apps and added all your Orbi units to your app with the location name then just follow the below steps or install the Orbi app first.


  • Download the Orbi App if already not using it.
  • Login with a username or create a new username and password.
  • Connect your WiFi network to auto-find Orbi devices.
  • Go to the advanced settings option from the top option.
  • Under advance settings find the Reset button option.
  • Tab the Reset button and wait until the router resets and reboots.
  • After resetting you can see Orbi wifi settings will restore to default mode.
  • Connect again and setup it up again with your network.

The next and third way to reset Orbi router is to Reset using the web interface.

Reset Orbi Satellite router from the Web interface

Resetting the Orbi mesh router using a web interface required a wireless or wired connection with the device. You can use a LAN cable to connect or just connect your Orbi using the WiFi name and password you configured and follow the steps below.

  • Power ON your Orbi unit using an adapter that comes with it.
  • Connect using a LAN cable from an Ethernet port or use wifi.
  • Open the Web browser and access Or (check default login IP printed to your Orbi unit)
  • Go to the Advance tab from the settings menu.
  • Under advance go to backup settings.
  • Under back settings, you will get a Button for “erase” to make Orbi a full factory reset.
  • Press the button and confirm OK when asking for confirmation and wait until the Orbi router reboots.

After the factory reset, you need to sync the Orbi device with your other Orbi unit to auto-configuration of your Wi-Fi and password settings.

These are the three ways to make the Orbi router fully factory reset if your Orbi unit is not performing or unstable network or no internet issue as well as if any other issue.

Making the router reset keeps it fresh and restores all configurations to default mode so it’s useful to fix some bugs as well as any performance issues when the device running longer time nonstop.


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