How to login and setup TP-Link AC1200 IP

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user manual for Login and setup TP-Link Archer C1200 Ac1200 Dual-band router from the computer for the first-time configuration with PPPoE or Static internet type.

How to Login and setup TP-Link Archer C1200 WiFi Router

Buying a new WiFI router needs to be set up for internet first time to configure as per internet settings and WiFi personalize. TP-Link Archer C1200 Dual band router setup first time for internet connection type PPPoE or Static mode. Archer C1200 1200Mbps wifi speed to enjoy smooth video gaming and live streaming. AC1200 router supports dual-band wifi 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz with 3 External antennae give a wide range.

Looking to login TP-Link AC1200 dual-band router for first time setup and configuration than this post will guide you step by step. To secure TP-link Archer c1200 router and change the default configuration for the first time from a computer or smartphone. You need to connect the WiFi router from Mobile Without wired or with wire to access the settings page. AC1200 Dual router is a Gigabit 4 LAN and 1 WAN port support with 1 USB port for USB storage purposes. Read the full article to Login TP-Link AC1200 Dual-band router with default IP first time.

TP-Link C1200 Dual Band router Connection

You can connect C1200 using default WiFi SSID and password showing in manual or use the LAN cable to a physical connection to a computer or Laptop.

  • Connect LAN cable to Archer C1200 Router LAN port (Yellow color)
  • Connect internet cable coming from internet provider router to WAN port (blue color) of C1200.
  • Power On a router with DC adapter comes with box.


Login TP Link Archer C1200 First Time

To first time Login and setup TP-Link Archer C1200 use default login details for TP-link c1200 wifi router for first-time access router from the web browser.

TP-Link Ac1200 Default Login IP address is and the default username and password is “admin”.

1: Open Web browser and access 192.168.01

2: Use the “admin” username and password for login IP http://192.168.o.1 for the first time.

login archer c6

Press the Login button to access router settings.

Archer C1200 PPPoE or Static IP Configuration

The first step is to configure Internet settings in the new router to make working with new internet connections. Get internet settings from your internet provider as per supported internet type.

Ask username and password if the internet connection supports PPPoE dial-up.

And static IP and gateway details if the internet connection type is Static IP.

Go to Basic- Internet

Select internet connection type: PPPoE or  Static or Dynamic.

If internet type PPPoE

Username: PPPoE username(contact ISP for details)

Password: PPPoE password (ask your ISP for password)

tp link ac1200 gigabit wifi router archer c1200

Press the Save button to confirm settings and apply changes.

After WAN configuration now the next steps are setup Wi-Fi name and Password.

Change WiFi Password and Name

The default WiFi password and name must be changed before using in-network. To update TP-Link C1200 Password follow steps.

Go to Basic- Wireless

Wireless Settings:  change Network name and password for 2.4G and 5GHz.

1: 2.4GHz Wireless: Enable Wireless Radio

Network Name (SSID): Type Wi-Fi name for 2.4 GHz

Password: password 2GHz.

 tp link archer c1200 as access point default password

2: 5 GHz Wireless: Enable Wireless Radio

Network Name (SSID): Type Wi-Fi name for 5 GHz

Password: password for 5 GHz

Press the Save button to apply settings and confirm the new WIFI name in the Mobile and Laptop Wi-Fi signal.

Change AC1200 Default IP Address 192.168.o.1

Highly recommend changing default IP address and default login password for any router.

Default IP Address details can get easily from the company support website so always change default credentials before using.

To change Archer c1200 default LAN IP address go to the “Advanced” tab from the top menu.

Network- LAN

IP Address: (or change any other IP address which is not used in the same network)

Subnet Mask:

tp link archer c1200 gigabit router

Press the save button and log in again with a change in the IP address.

Also, change the Login password from the Advance option to protect router access.

Download TP-Link Archer C1200 Firmware

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