9 Positive Effects Of Social Media You Might Not Know About

Positive Effects Of Social Media

Positive Effects Of Social Media

Very few will doubt the fact that social media is one of the most influential phenomena in the whole wide world. There are approximately four billion social media users globally. This means that there is a higher likelihood for any human being to be a social media user than not. But that is not nearly the most striking figure about social media: the most striking figure about social media is the fact that the average user of this phenomenon uses it for more than a couple of hours each and every single day! Taking out time for work, food, commute, and sleep, we can interpret from the figure in the preceding sentence that we spend half of our day on social platforms.

Today, we are going to be discussing the pros of social media:

People Keep in Touch

There were literally times when upon your graduation, you were sure that you will not be able to talk to your college friends again. You knew that there would have been no way to find the time or the resources to visit each one of your thousand classmates who are spread all around the world. The same was the case with distant relatives. All thanks to social media, all this has changed. Now, people can choose to get updates about any of the people they know, no matter how close, by simply looking at their Facebook stories and whatnot.  Alongside, they can also communicate with any of these people through instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. This communication does not only include messages but also calls and even video calls! The only thing they need to worry about when enabling video calling is having good internet. Our recommendation for anyone who wants to have a quality internet experience is to opt for Comcast Internet. It is a blend of both affordability as well as reliability!

Making Money

There are many things that one can do with social media. One of the things that they can do is keep in touch with their friends and family. Yet another thing they can do is make sure that they make money for themselves and their dependents. There are a wide variety of ways they do this. One way to do this is by selling goods on social media. Have you ever seen advertisements run on your feeds showcasing certain goods and products, such as pieces of clothing or toys? Those are actually people making money off of social media. Another way you can do business is by selling a service. Many tutors sell their services on social platforms all over the world. These social platforms include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. They also use social media to advertise their services. The platforms used to advertise include Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Fighting Oppressive Regimes

One of the most known advantages of social media is its facilitation of the fight against oppressive regimes. Just think of what is happening in Russia right now. If it was not for social media, the people inside Russia would have never known what atrocities their government was committing in Ukraine. On the flip side, we would have never known that the people inside Russia were actually not that supportive of the War in Ukraine. We say this knowing that no global press is being allowed to report from Russia and no Russian press is being allowed to be critical of Russia. In fact, the Russian press is actually being cautioned against delivering any critical news to the extent that their rights are being threatened!


Apart from keeping in touch with your friends and family, making money, and fighting oppressive regimes, another way we can take advantage of social media is by educating ourselves and others in our social network. Education can take place through educational posts. These posts can include educational pictures and videos as well as texts or quotes. Education can also take place through video calling on social media apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


This is it for now. We hope that, through reading this article, you would have gained a better sense of the positive impact of social media – a phenomenon often criticized by the masses.


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