Permanently delete Facebook account Without Waiting

you can permanently delete Facebook account Without Waiting for step by step if don’t want to use the Facebook account anymore.

Permanently delete Facebook account Without Waiting

Social network a part of the virtual life of every human being today at any age. Probably using the interaction with the social network platform need some break someday to refresh your real life. Virtual life is the shortcut of Facebook to fast-talking and keeps connected every second. While Facebook users fade-up with virtual online life they find an option to delete Facebook or deactivation of facebook for taking a break. If you are searching how to delete the Facebook account then you have come back with a fresh new Facebook account in the future.

Instead of permanently delete Facebook profile you have the option to a temporary deactivation of FB account, and reactivate any time you want to enter in the social network again. In this post, you will get easy steps to Facebook delete permanently without waiting 30 day periods or you may choose Facebook deactivation using simple steps.

You cannot delete Facebook account if you are not the owner of profile because you need login username and password to confirm the deletion FB profile. Make sure you have a login password to deactivate or delete the account.

Login Facebook Account to get rid of Facebook.

Go to or you can use profile picture login if enabled in your account.

Go to Settings menu down arrow as shown below image.

how to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

Click on “settings”

You will land on the Facebook account settings control panel.

Go to “Your Facebook Information

Deactivation and deletion: click the View button to enter in settings.

 how to delete facebook messenger account

To deleting facebook account permanently select the option second “permanently delete account”

Please read the Notification before click the delete button.

Deleting your account is permanent:

When you delete your Facebook account, you won’t be able to retrieve the content or information that you’ve shared on Facebook. Your Messenger and all of your messages will also be deleted.

how to delete facebook account without password

If you have the plan to skip Facebook deleting just click the cancel button to abort Facebook account deletion permanently.

If you are confirm just go ahead with Continue to Account deletion.

1: You will ask to option or choose a deactivation account if you want to keep used messenger.

2: download your information Facebook account backup before deleting.

Click the Download info button to back up your Facebook profile settings and other picture and data.

how to delete facebook messenger account on android

Final Steps to Delete Account permanently

Now click the delete account button to confirm the deleting profile.

Authenticate the Facebook profile account to make sure you are the owner of the profile you wish to delete.

Before you permanently delete your account please enter your password.

Password: type password and click continue or cancel to abort FB deletion process.

delete facebook messenger account

Confirm permanent account deletion: You will get an important notice to delete your Facebook account condition as shown below image.

Click the Delete Account button.

 www facebook help delete_account

Please do not log in to your account after the permanent delete process as given below image.

If you login account before a certain period than the deletion process will abort and you have followed all steps again.

how to delete facebook account on iphone

This is the simple and new option of how to cancel facebook account added in Facebook profile settings. Before this option, you can only delete FB visiting a delete URL from the FB support page. I hope the guide will get the proper answer of how do I permanently delete my Facebook account.

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