how do you make a post shareable on facebook

How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable

How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable

Facebook is a popular social network platform to promote your business, creativity, and personal videos. Facebook providing you the chance to earn money using their monetization that runs the ads on your videos if you have the skills and creativity to make an attractive video that people like. If you make videos and post to promote your business and creative work and not get a lot of views then you should make sure you make the post shareable and it’s not private or only friends. If you make Post only for me then only you can view so you will get no views but if you make its friends then only your friends can view so you get views in the limit as per your friend’s list. To make a Facebook post to the Public not only anyone can see a post, but it also makes a Facebook post shareable and anyone can share your post that reaches unlimited Facebook users. You have to follow steps to learn how do you make a post shareable on Facebook and increase the reach of your post and grow your business or your creativity.

You can make FB post shareable from Facebook apps as well as from desktop websites if you use Facebook in a computer or laptop. Follow steps to make Facebook post shareable to increase audiences.

How To Make A Fb Post Shareable?

Making Facebook post shareable by another user publicly need to edit settings that required to log in to your Facebook account either from mobile apps or desktop website. Follow steps to enable post sharing on Facebook to make posts more reachable shareable.

Login Facebook. Com and log in with your username and password.

If you want to make an already published post to allow others to share my posts on Facebook then go to that post and follow the steps.

Find three horizontal dots (…) in the post as shown below the image.

You will get the settings menu after clicking on the three dots where you can find the option Edit Post and click the option as shown below the image.

how to make something shareable on facebook


Once you go to the Edit post option you can find the below options.

If your FB post not shareable other your default option selected is Only me or Friends that not allow any other users who not be friends with you cannot share the post you publish.

You have to choose public if you want to make something shareable on Facebook that you post on your walls such as video, picture, or any other article.

Public– Anyone on or off Facebook (mean any user who is in your list or not can share your post so you can use this option to enable Facebook post sharable.

how to make a facebook post shareable

If you want to make your Post to shareable only with friends you can select friends or if you want to allow post sharing by specific friends then you can select the Specific Fiends option as shown above image.

Same steps you can follow if using mobile apps to use your Facebook account and Facebook page to allow others to share your post and videos that you want to promote over social media networks.


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