best free educational apps for kids

Best educational Apps for kids learning

Best educational Apps for kids learning

Education has changed a lot in the last two decades. Institutional education is always present. Most of the parents like to teach their kids at home with the help of internet. As we all know that childhood is a stage when kids learn lots of things in a small interval of time so it is a great option for parents and children to learn more and more during childhood. Today a lot of the best educational apps for kids proving free learning with fun. also learn How to secure WiFi in Home and Office

List of best learning apps helps your kid in learning

Amazon Kindle

Amazone kindle one of the popular ebook reader gadgets with a lot of free education learning materials. Kindle also provide best educational apps for teachers with free unlimited ebook access on amazon accounts. It also includes a ton of books that are suitable for children and adults. Perfect for a budding reader who has just learned how to do it. Take it, get some books for your children, and give them such good reading skills. This is one of the best tools for the kids. Those who are not Kindle fans can also visit Google Play Books or Nook. The best thing about Amazon Kindle is adults can also download apps and ebook to learn on it so This feature makes it best educational apps for adults and kids.

PBS Kids video

educational videos for kids

It is a learning video platform for 3 year olds kids app to enjoy there learning with entertainments. PBS kids video apps also best educational apps for 5 year olds kids and can install in Android and iPhone as well. PBS is known for its educational content. Also, because everything is comic and fun, kids will probably not want to watch them. Try this tool once for your kid learning and you find it that it is amazing to use it.


Duolingo is one of the most excellent online free learning apps for children when you plan to teach a new language to your kid.  What makes the online application so interesting is that downloading and using this app is completely free. Duolingo is the best apps for preschoolers to help them learn many different languages free of cost. Enjoy free learning of multiple languages using best language learning apps free.

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DragonBox Series

The DragonBox series is a set of informative games that help kids learn the basics of math. Not only for kids but also best math learning apps for adults using an interesting way of learning. It is free best educational apps for toddlers to grow their learning skills with fun. This leaning online application deals with algebra and geometry. All five deal with numbers to a certain extent. Math is a big problem for students. It may be wise to start teaching these concepts early. The five games require an upfront payment, but none of them requires an integrated purchase. It is the best learning apps for toddlers to 4 year olds kids as well.

Khan Academy Children

Khan Academy Kids is the children’s version of the famous Khan Academy. He recommends a variety of education and theme for children. It even includes sections devoted to critical thinking, moving lessons and other types of things. The app has a lot of cute little animals to make you feel comfortable. The app controls are very easy for parents and kids. One can choose any of the above online learning tools as per their requirement. The best thing about all these tools is that all they are free of cost. Khan Academy is a top educational app as well as a web-based learning platform.

Preschool Learning

Although it is new in Play store it is undoubtedly one of the best interactive App especially aimed at children, with this educational game children can learn different things like the alphabet, names of animals, numbers and how they are pronounced, differentiate colors and much plus. The most interesting thing about this app is the simplicity that represents being able to use it, as well as being a game, children can learn while having fun.

As it indicates its name goes more directed to children who are in a pre-school stage. In addition, the game is made up of several levels, as the child moves forward and will learn new things. What are you waiting for? Sure your child will learn a lot with these good apps for kids that is completely free.

Final Word

Today education is the most important part of human life. So making education more effective technology make it possible with the best apps for education and learning. Make your kids learning skill strong using the best learning app for kids with fun and entertainments. The Above list includes all type applications for children to learn them with play while growing from kids to preschoolers. Learning with fun is an interesting way to grow kids education so above fun apps for kids also teach your kids while making fun.



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