60 useful interesting computer facts you didn’t know

60 Useful Computer Facts About Your PC You didn’t know

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Many people use computers every day, and they’re so common these days that we can sometimes forget just how extraordinary they truly are! In reality, these devices are quite amazing, changing the world as we know it in more ways than one. Here are dozens of fun and interesting facts about computers to inspire and astound you. Enjoy the complete list of useful computer facts that you didn’t know before but you use the computer for more than 5 hours per day.

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  1. Charles Babbage invented the first rudimentary computer back in 1833.
  2. Charles Babbage was nicknamed the ‘Father of Computers’.
  3. The first modern computer was made in 1953.
  4. The first 1GB hard drive was made in 1980.
  5. The very first hard drive cost $40,000 and weighed 550 lbs.
  6. On the top row of a QWERTY keyboard, ‘typewriter’ is the longest word you can write.
  7. The original engineers who developed the first IBM computer were nicknamed ‘Dirty Dozen’.
  8. Hard disks could originally only store a few MB of data.
  9. Today’s hard disks can store millions of MB.
  10. Windows was originally called ‘Interface Manager’.
  11. Over 80% of emails are spam.
  12. Microsoft head Bill Gates dropped out of college.
  13. The nuclear missile password in the US was a string of zeroes for many years.
  14. Over a million new domains get registered per month.
  15. 92% of the world’s money is digital.
  16. CAPTCHA stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’.
  17. The first computer mouse was made of wood.
  18. The computer ‘mouse’ earned its name due to the fact that its cord looked like a mouse’s tail.
  19. ENIAC, one of the earliest computers, weighed 27 tons.
  20. More than half of virus engineers work in organized crime.
  21. The first-ever programmer was female.
  22. Hackers make thousands of new viruses monthly.
  23. The MyDoom virus caused close to $40 billion of damage.
  24. One computer is in charge of tracking most Wikipedia vandalism.
  25. Computers are responsible for sorting almost all physical mail.
  26. Russian engineers made a computer that could run on water in the 1930s.
  27. John Lasseter was fired by Disney for wanting to make use of computer animation. He later became head of Pixar.
  28. Humans blink less than half as often when looking at computer screens.
  29. All the big computer brands began in garages.
  30. The inventors of Wi-Fi first met in 1990.
  31. There are over 9 billion Wi-Fi devices worldwide.
  32. Wi-Fi was first launched in Hawaii as ‘Aloha Net’.
  33. Sweden has the highest percentage of internet users.
  34. The first domain name to be registered was ‘www.symbolis.com’
  35. Amazon started as an online bookshop selling physical books.
  36. Nowadays, Amazon sells more e-books than printed books.
  37. Email was created before the World Wide Web.
  38. The first email was sent in 1971.
  39. A virus called ILOVEYOU hid inside spam love letters.
  40. 90% of supercomputers use the Linux OS.
  41. Google, Microsoft, and other giants also use Linux.
  42. Wired.com was the first site to use banner ads.
  43. Apple Corps, a music company, sued Apple Corporation for using a similar brand name and logo.
  44. A memory stick with a virus was once found in a parking lot and infected the US military networks for over a year.
  45. Three Nevada kids once hacked into their teacher’s computer and adjusted grades.
  46. Alan Turing is known as the father of computer science.
  47. Turing helped to crack German codes during WW2, as explained in essays and paper writing service.
  48. The word computer originally referred to people who could do math calculations in their mind.
  49. In the 60s, the highest amount of RAM was 1KB.
  50. These days, RAM can be found in much greater quantities of several GB.
  51. Scroll Lock is the least used key on your keyboard.
  52. The logo for Firefox is a panda, not a fox.
  53. The original Apple logo showed Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.
  54. Bitcoin transfers are not reversible.
  55. Lithuania has the fastest Wi-Fi in the world.
  56. The US has the 19th fastest Wi-Fi, according to reports.
  57. A plan is in place to give free Wi-Fi to all EU citizens.
  58. The first commercial Apple computer with a graphical interface was called the Apple Lisa.
  59. Macintosh was named after a family with the surname McIntosh.
  60. Ubuntu, a distro for Linux, is named after an African word that translates to ‘I am because of you’.

There are 60 unknown ┬ácomputer facts that most users don’t know but they are really amazing fun fact about computers

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