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Login Wireless router, DSL modem, Cox cable modem or any other managed network device preconfigured with a default LAN IP address. Is a Class C network IP address that may also be used to login router, range extender or any other network device.  There are many routers and repeater device manufacturer those are using common default IP address,, as well as If your router or network device specifically different login IP address or any other from the network then this article going to help you to access settings using the default LAN IP address. Along with default Login, IP address router and modem also secured with a default username and password that might be different based on brands and router model numbers.

However, this article will provide you a simple login guide to access any brand router, modem, switch, or firewall device with a 192.168 6 .1 default IP address. Default login credential and router firmware and hardware version detail also available on the router sticker so you may find login IP address for your router in the label. There are some brands that are using 192168.6.1 login IP addresses such as  Linkpro Repotec, Aceex, and some others as well.

Default Login Username and password

Probably login settings information printed to router/modem sticker and Quick user guide included with box first time. However, if you are trying to log in to an old router or your router sticker may damage or printed text faded and unable to read login IP, username and password then find login details below. Below the list of username and password possibly work with most of brands router, repeater, modem and other network devices.

Default Gateway IP Address-
















Right down login details printed to router sticker and proceed to login web interface from web browser.

Access Web Interface

Once you got details for the login router from the user manual or from the router label the next step is a connection with the router either wired or wireless depending on the router/modem supported type.


  • If your router support wireless connects Laptop using WiFI or for Non-WiFi router use LAN cable to connect from Ethernet port to PC LAN port.
  • Go to Computer TCP/IPv4 settings and choose the “obtain an IP address automatically” option to get IP configuration from the router DHCP server.
  • Power on the router with DC power adapter as included to router box.
  • Open a web browser and Access
  • Provider default username and password as printed to your router sticker.
  • https //
  • After successful authentication, you will get access to all settings where you can change the wireless name, password, port forwarding, firmware upgrade, and other security configuration.


If this login not working for you and you cant access from the browser or you may able to access router login page or getting the wrong username and password error, then you may factory reset your router to restore into default settings.

Factory Reset Router to Restore 192.168.6 .1

Making router to reset delete all configuration and revert router into a fresh factory mode. If you are internetworking with the same router you may avoid resetting or you should have internet settings to configure the router or modem again.

Steps to Resetting Router

  • Turn ON the router and wait a few seconds to boot it completely.
  • Locate a small tiny reset button available on the router.
  • Use a needle or clip to press the reset switch.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and release.
  • During reset, the process router will automatically reboot and take a few minutes to complete the reset process
  • You may not interrupt power while the router restoring to default mode to avoid any damages.
  • After factory default modem or router follow the above steps again to access settings from the browser.


This is a simple user manual that helps you to access any network device configured with default LAN IP  if you are facing any other issue while access the router you may visit the router’s official support page and download a user manual or raise a query to the forum.


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