TP-Link CPE210 300Mbps Outdoor Device Repeater Mode

TP-Link CPE210/CPE510 Outdoor 300Mbps Repeater Mode Configuration

Setup your TP-Link outdoor CPE using the simple quick setup for range extender mode and improve outdoor wifi connectivity. follow the user guide to turn your TP-Link CPE210 300Mbps Outdoor Device Repeater Mode.

TP-Link CPE210/CPE510 Outdoor 300Mbps Repeater Mode Configuration

TP-Link CPE210 and CPE510 is an outdoor CPE for wireless connectivity at customer premises. The CPE210 is a 2.4GHz band and CPE510 support 5GHz for various application purpose. Although CPE210 & CPE510 contain CPE in the mode it is also can be used as Access Point, Bridge, Client, Repeater, and Client Router. it comes by default in the client mode to connect the client end connection from the isp base station. we have already published an article for Best WiFi router under 1000 for home and office to get under budget wifi router.

This post will assist how to configure TP-Link CPE210 and CPE510 as repeater mode to extend wifi signal range. The TP-Link brand most trusted and liked network product by ISP as well as the Home user because of the easy web interface.

The best thing of TPLink it provides a quick setup for beginners and an advances configure mode for experts.

TP-Link CPe210 and cpe510 loaded with the latest firmware version pharos which very easy to understand and configurable by everyone without making technical glitch.

Although Configuration of TP-Link does not require a high network but using this post you will get proper configuration methods.

TP-Link CPE210/CPE510 Outdoor Device Physical connection

You require a physical connection with CPe210 to make an accessible web interface. Always try to configure the device using a wired connection instead of wireless.

TP-Link CPE210 physical 2 Ethernet port. One is LAN 0 (PoE) and second

LAN 1 non-PoE but support PoE pass-through to power on another CPE210 device.

  • Connect LAN0 (PoE) port to Passive 24Volt PoE adapters PoE out port.
  • Connect PoE Adapter LAN port to user PC/Laptop LAN port

tp link cpe210 ap router mode

Default Settings of TP-Link CPE210 and CPE510 for First Time Login

TP-Link CPE210 Default login IP Address is

The default username and password is – admin/admin

 Open Web Browser such as internet explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and any other to access the device web interface.

Type and hit enter key.

tp link cpe210 repeater configuration

1: Use default login details as given in the above steps.

  • Username- admin
  • Password-admin

Language– Choose your language from the list.

tp link cpe210 einrichten deutsch

2: check the box on “I agree to these terms of use

3: Click the Login button to enter in settings.

In the next steps, you will get the option to change the default login password for security reasons.

New user name- create a new user name password.

New Password: set a new password.

Confirm Password: type new password again to confirm.

tp link cpe210 mit fritzbox verbinden

Click the Finish button to proceed for the configuration part.

TP-Link CPE210/CPE510 Repeater mode Setup for Range Extender

The first step to turn your tplink outdoor device into a repeater mode needs to change the operation mode.

Click on the Quick Setup tab from the top menu.

Choose the Repeater option and click the Next button for further settings.

tp link cpe210 installation guide

Change the LAN IP Address to avoid network conflict with Access Point IP Address.

tp link cpe510 hard reset

In this step change the free IP address and click the Next button.

Note: After finish the setup wizard you have to re-login device with change IP Address.

Scan You main WiFi Name to Connect from Repeater Device

Click the Survey button as shown below image.

tp link pharos cpe210 ip address

In a few second you will get a list of all active wifi name in the location.

Find you name from the list and select from the circle.

Click Lock AP button to join the network.

how to setup tp link cpe210 on mac

After Lock AP you need to put the main Wi-Fi password to authentication from repeater device.

SSID of Remote AP: this will auto get when you click Lock AP option.

Mac of remote AP: This is Mac address of your main Wifi router.

PSK Password: type the password of your main wifi to connect from repeater device.

tp-link cpe210 range extender mode configurations

Click the Next button for proceed configuration steps.

After all settings, you will get the status of all the settings.

tp-link cpe210 radiolänk för utomhusbruk n300

If everything Fine press the Finish button to save settings

After a few seconds, CPE210 device will reboot and connect with your Access Point.

You will get the increase WiFi range of your networks. Now TP-Link CPE210 outdoor device full configured as range extender mode and you can place it in the dark area where wifi signal issue.

Placement of TP-Link CPE210 Repeater Device

Always place repeater device on the centralized location from the device can get at least 45% signal from main AP as well as cover the other area where signal issue spotted. To avoid wifi frequent disconnection issues due to the wrong placement of the repeater device in the home make sure the device is not placed in a covered area such as in any cupboard and Almira. Hope this post will make your configure simple while planning to use your TP-Link CPE210 300Mbps Outdoor Device Repeater Mode to extend your wireless network with a stronger signal

You can download the TP-Link CPE210 manual in pdf here.

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