Reset TP-Link Load Balancer Router

simple user manual to Reset TP-Link Load Balancer router models TL-R480T+, as well as R470T dual Wan broadband router in case, forget login password.

Factory Reset TP-Link Load Balancer if Forget Login

TP-Link R480T+ and R470T  is a Multi wan Load balancer router used to connect multiple internet lines at a time for backup and failover purposes. In the earlier post, I have covered the user manual for setup TP-Link Load balancer router for the first time but what If you forget login password and other details. How to access TP-link TL-R480T+ Load balancer router if forget login IP and other login settings. There is a reset button to restore settings to default mode, so this article will show you step to factory reset load balancer router to restore settings to default mode.

While making reset settings make sure you have configuration backup or you know all internet configuration details to setup again. Making a load balancer to default will erase all settings and need to setup from fresh. Before making router to default check the default IP address, and login username, password to access router settings to avoid making reset to default.

Steps to Factory default Load balancer

There is two ways to Reset TP-Link Load Balancer Router with login mode restore and without login restore.

  1. Hard Reset
  2. Soft Reset | How to login router

1: Hard Reset Load Balancer

Hard reset is a method to reset the router using the physical reset button available at the router.  Making a hard reset is a final method to access your router settings if forget login username and password and unable to access settings. Reset from reset button does not require to login load balancer settings and it’s a few seconds process need to access the physical router.

Steps to Hard reset Load Balancer VPN Router

  • Locate a small reset button option in the load balance router that may be changed front side or back side depends on the router models.
  • Turn On the router and let it boot completely.
  • Use a needle and press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds and monitor led lights.
  • The LED light will blink and the router will reboot.
  • Wait until rebooting and this process takes 2-3minuts so keep calm and wait to finish the process.

restore TL-R480T+ Load Balance Broadband Router

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Hard reset a bit simple method to re-gain access to the router in case unable to login setting. Login Password and Username

Factory Reset from the Web interface

A soft factory reset is a way to restore settings from web interfaces that need to the login web interface. A soft reset can use in case your load balancer router giving any error, performance, and network issue that hard to find in each configuration so making settings to default is a faster way to troubleshoot configuration error.

You need to access load balancer router settings to make a soft reset.

Default Login IP address – 192.168.l.254

Default login username- admin

Default password- admin

IF you already change login settings use the same credentials to log in your load balance router.

Open Web browser and access http// and login with username and password.

Go to Management- Factory Default Restore

Press Restore Button and confirm the OK button to proceed router settings.

tp-link r470 load balacer router reset steps

The router will be restored to factory settings and you can restore the configuration back if you have taken config back before the factory reset.

Backup and Restore configuration

Backup and restore configuration will reduce your time to configure the router again and will make the network always up.

For TL-R480T+ V9

  • Go to Management- Backup &restore tab
  • Press the Backup button to save the config file to drive.
  • Browse the backup file and press the restore button to apply configuration from the backfile.

For TL-R480T+ V7 version go to Maiantanance- Management

  • Export and Import tab
  • Press the Export button to save the configuration file to drive.
  • Go to import browser config file and press the restore button to restore settings from the backup.


How to Login Asus router Settings

TP Link Load balancer Login Password change

After setup configuration always recommended to change the login username and password to secure router control panel access.

Go to System Tools- Admin setup


Old Username: admin

Old Password: admin (use password if you already change the default)

New username– create a new username

New password– create a new login password

Confirm new password: Confirm new login password

Tip:  Never use a Login password your personal information such as mobile number, address or another that easily guess.

Use mix combination password with Alfa numeric and special character to create a stronger password.

TP-Link TL-R470T+ Load Balance Broadband Router,

Press the Save button and log in again with a new username and password.


Enable remote management

If you want to manage load balancer router from a remote site then you need to enable remote management.

System Tools- Admin setup

Remote management tab

Press the Add button and assign the remote IP address you want to access load balancer from the internet.

Save settings.


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