Reset Sky Q Box | Complete Reset Manual

How to Reset Sky Q Box without Remote

Reset the Sky Q box might be the final step to fix a problem that comes with the Sky Q box but before considering factory resetting the Sky Q box must try other troubleshooting steps to avoid resetting the Sky Q box.

Sky Q box is a Tv and lives streaming box that gives you nonstop entertainment and a live streaming experience but it’s heartbreaking when suddenly the Sky Q box free screen, or not getting started, or auto restarting problem. Sky q box operations in Austria and Germany, Ireland, Italy, and the UK so this user guide will help multi-country people fix Sky Q box problems.

The sky q box is a Television with app streaming devices that work with Wireless and wired internet connections. If you planning to factory reset the Sky box then you might need to setup it up again and be required to connect again with wifi internet to again enjoy live streaming. Before insatiate resetting the sky q box use some troubleshooting steps to avoid resetting the Sky box.

Fix Skye box problem without Reset to default

Sky Q box not turning on, or option not working, or might freezing screen to a black or blue screen and not responding while using the remote can fix with a few troubleshooting steps as followed below. Sometimes weak remote batteries, damage remotes, or loose cable connections might give problems.

Check Sky Q Box Remote

Remote is the main device that helps you to operate your sky q box and if you think you are not able to operate using a remote then there are two things to consider one is the remote battery and the other is a remote one.

Check Remote battery is not in a weak condition so the remote not working with your sky q box. You can simply replace the new battery and check if it starts working remotely and you can operate your apps.

You can also borrow your neighbor’s sky q box remote to confirm your remote is not out of order or just purchase a new remote if you think the remote not working.

Ventilation Problem

Ventilation problems are also an issue of sky q box freezing or hanging frequently. Make sure sky q box is not placed inside any box where no air pass is available. Running sky q box continues to need proper ventilation space so place the sky q box accordingly.

Restart Sky Box

If your sky q box remote is working, but can not browse with the remote and looks like the Screen is stuck at the Sky logo then you can restart Sky Q box. Just restart sky q box using the direct power button or turn off the sky box for a few minutes and let it cool down and turn it on again.

After powering on make sure everything works fine and you do not need to restore the sky q box anymore. Follow the steps to factory reset the Sky q box using the soft reset button as well as the hard reset method.

How to Factory Reset Sky Q box using a Remote?

Making sky q box factory reset from settings needs to access settings using the remote. If your sky q box working properly but sometimes got frozen then you can reset it from settings as following steps.

Before making a reset you must understand all types of Reset modes available for sky box so you can only execute the right one.

Reset Settings- Reset settings means if you execute this command will only erase sky q box settings and configuration such as Wireless settings, LAN settings, and remote also required to re-pair after resetting settings.

Reset Hard Drive- Reset hard drive means all the media such as pictures, movies, and any other video saved on storage will easily with reset hard drive options. It will format your sky q box hard drive storage and you will lose all downloaded data.

Factory Reset-

  • Turn On the Sky q box.
  • Press the home button and go to the settings option.
  • Scroll to Settings and do not press the Select button.
  • Press “001” on Remote.
  • Now press the Select button on Remote.
  • Now scroll to the Reset option.

Under Reset, you will get three Reset options as described above.

  • Reset Settings
  • Reset Hard Drive
  • Factory Reset

Move the option using the remove arrow and select Factory reset and then press the OK button.

You will get confirmation with alerting “This will permanently delete all existing and planned recordings on this box.

How to Reset Sky Q Box Without Remote

Sky Q box will be reset and automatically restart and restore to default settings. You have to set up again as per your subscription and plan you have purchased to start streaming again.

How to Reset Sky Q box without a Remote?

Yet another way to reset the sky q box without a remote if your remote not working or unpair due to any problem then you can use the hard reset option. The hard reset option is a way to factory the default sky box using the reset button available on the Sky q box.

Resetting Sky Q box using the reset button is a faster way to restore settings to default mode but this will erase all your downloaded movies, shows, and other settings so after resetting you need to setup it up again.

  • Power On your Sky Q box and let it be Green first.
  • Find a small reset button available beside LAN ports.
  • Press the Reset button using any Sharm pointed needle for 30 Seconds and the release button.
  • Sky Q box all LED lights will suddenly turn Off and turn on again and the box will automatically restart.
  • After restart, Sky Q box will start with default settings and you need to configure it again.
  • Connect with your WIFI and enjoy your entertainment again.

how to factory reset sky q box

Final Words

Keep the reset option at the last option if nothing works to fix your Sky box problem. Making a reset is easy but it needs to be set up again and if you saved all subscription details then you need it again to use the sky q box. You can also find some fixed solution for Sky Q box official support and forum site before deciding to reset your Q box or if nothing work you can go with the Reset method.


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