Mikrotik Cap Ac Reset Using Two Methods- Reset Manual

How to Factory Default MikroTik cAP AC Ceiling Mount AP

If you looking Reset guide to factory reset MikroTik cap AC1200 dual band ceiling mount access point because forgot your login password or you facing any connection issues. This article helps you to reset Mikrotik CAP AC dual band wifi router with or without login.

There two ways that you can restore Mikrotik Dual band AC1200 Ceiling mount AP configuration using the Winbox configuration utility and the second is using the reset button available beside Ethernet ports. If you facing any connectivity or wifi stability issues in your Mikrotik or not getting proper internet speed on both the wireless bands (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz) then you should go with the soft reset method from settings.

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How to Factory Reset MikroTik  Dual Band Ceiling Mount AP using Winbox?

Making factory reset Mikrotik Ceiling mount Access point bit simple and safe method using Winbox or directly from a web browser. You require a physical or wireless connection with Mikrotik CAP AC dual band from a PC/Laptop. If you already connect Mikrotik AC1200 Cap ac WiFi Router then just connect your pc/laptop from the same PoE switch. To avoid factory reset cAP AC device you can update the latest firmware first if you facing any connectivity issues so you can fix any bugs or any issues.

Note:- Before proceed to factory reset please make sure you download the configuration backup so you can restore settings after reset is completed to avoid manual configuration again.

  • Power ON MikroTik cAP AC ceiling mount AP if power is off.
  • Connect your Laptop /Desktop using cap Ac Access point LAN port (ETH2) or using PoE.
  • Download the Winbox utility first if not already downloaded.
  • Open the Winbox utility and you will get the Mikrotik cap AC device in the neighbor’s tab.
  • Select the device Mac or IP address and provide a password if you set the password already. In default username “admin” and password blank.
  • Once you access settings from winbox now navigate the left-side menu for the reset option.
  • Mikrotik cAP ac Dual-band 802.11ac will restart and Winbox will disconnect and its take a few minutes to restore into default settings.

This method is to soft reset the Mikrotik cAP AC dual band WiFi router but if you are unable to log in web interface because changed your password and forgotten then you can try the hard reset method as given below.

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Mikrotik Cap Ac Factory Reset Using Reset Button

Factory Reset cAP AC Ac1200 Dual band or cAP XL AC Access point using reset switch is a less than 5 seconds process and restores the configuration to default mode. Follow the steps to cap ac MikroTik reset manually step by step using reset button.

  • If you have installed Ceiling mount AP then remove it because the reset button is under the AP so need to unmount it first.
  • Locate the small reset button beside the Mode button.
  • Power Off the Access point first.
  • In Power Off mode press the reset button and turn ON the power.
  • Monitor the Access point LED light and when the Power LED starts flashing release the reset button (Approximately 5 Seconds).
  • The access point will solid green after reset and will restore configuration to default mode.

This method will factory reset all configurations to default mode. If you have a configuration backup file you can restore it from Winbox or setup Mikrotik cAP AC manually again as per your internet settings.

This reset guide can be used for other Mikrotik Dual band 11ac WiFI routers as well as Mikrotik Single band 2.4Ghz 300Mbps ceiling mount access points. If you facing any issues while trying to reset your Dual-band Access point then you can also raise your complaint on Mikrotik Forums to get the best solutions.

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