Mercusys MW305R WiFi Router Setup from mobile

Mercusys MW305R WiFi Router Setup and Configuration First time

Make your wifi router secure and stable using proper settings. follow the simple configuration step to Mercusys MW305R WiFi Router Setup from mobile and Laptop using the wired and wireless connection.

Mercusys MW305R WiFi Router Setup and Configuration First time

Mercusys MW305R 300 Mbps wireless router a small Wi-Fi router for home and office networks. This router support Guest Wi-Fi network with internet speed and time limit to restrict internet data for guest. Every router comes with a default configuration with factory settings so highly recommended to change the default Wi-Fi name and password to secure Wi-Fi networks. In this post, you will get a simple configuration guide for beginners to improve network security and wifi performance. MW305R having 3LAN and 1 WAN port for physical connection for Desktop and network device like network printer and NVR/DVR. This Mercusys MW305R WiFi Router Setup does not require and technical skills to protect and improve your wifi internet speed.

How to Check Who is connected to My WiFi

Mercusys MW305R Wireless N Router Physical Connection

To configuration of any wireless router required to access web interface which required a physical wired connection. You need a Laptop/Desktop or smartphone to configure your mercusys wifi router first time for the internet.

Connect internet cable coming from ISP to Mercusys WAN port.

Connect LAN port to PC/Laptop LAN port

Power on the wifi router with power adapter comes with box.

mercusys mw305r 300mbps wifi wireless n router (white)

Configure your Laptop/Desktop LAN IP with Mercusys default IP address ie. 192.168.1.X series.

EXP- use in PC/Laptop or Enable DHCP.

Mercusys MW305R Default Settings

Mercusys MW305R Default IP

Username– admin

Password– admin

Mercusys MW305R  Login First time from Laptop

Open the web browser and type and hit the enter key.

mercusys ac12 ac1200 wi-fi router dual-band


You will land on Wizard page. To enter advance mode press on Skip button

 mercusys router wifi password change

Mercusys MW305R Triple Antenna WiFi WAN Settings

To WAN Mode you required internet settings such as PPPoE, DHCP, static IP address. You can get the internet settings from your internet service providers as per your internet type from PPPoE, Static, DHCP.

MW305R WAN settings in PPPoE Mode

Go To Advance –Network-WAN Settings

Connection Type – Select PPPoE from the drop-down menu.

Username: type the PPPoE dial-up username provided by the Internet provider.

Password: type password provided by internet providers.

router wifi mercusys mw325r password change

Press the Save button to apply settings.

Mercusys MW305R Static IP Address Configuration

If your internet types Static mode then you will get IP address settings from internet service providers.  Contact your internet providers if you do not have a WAN IP Address.

Go to Advanced- Network –WAN settings

Connection Type: choose Static IP.

IP Address: type the IP Address got from the internet provider along with subnet mask and other DNS settings.

Press Save button to apply settings

mercury wifi router default password

Mercusys MW305R Wireless Name and Password Configurations

Every router having a default company name SSID with an unsecured wifi network. Always change the wifi password and name before using it in your network to avoid unauthorized access.

1: Go to Advanced- Wireless- Host Network

2: SSID- type the new WiFi name in this box.

3: Password- type password for your wifi.

4- Channel- choose the auto mode if using only one router or select the channel as per telecom policy. (1,6,11 is a non-overlap channel recommended to use).

5- Mode- 11bgn mixed.

6- Channel Width- choose Auto.

7- Transmit Power- use HIGH if the big house for single room shop or cabin uses the medium.

mercury wifi router default password

Press the Save button to apply settings.

How to enable Guest network in Mercusys WiFi Router

The guest network is a smarter way to protect your main wifi network and private network to share with guest. You can choose no private network sharing and limit the internet download and upload speed for your guest. You have the power of choosing the internet surfing time for your guest network based on hourly and time schedule.

Go to Advance-Wireless-Guest Network.

Guest Network – ON

1: SSID: type wifi name for Guest Networks

Password– password for guest wifi.

2: Access my Local Network– NO

3: Upstream bandwidth / Download stream– type the speed you want to provide guest wifi.

4: set Guest Access time– Yes (limit the time or schedule for the guest network)

Close guest network after 1 hour.

Time Schedule– choose the time and day when you want to enable guest network only.

Mercusys MW305R-TP-LINK Router setup guide

5: Press Save button to apply changes.

It is strictly recommended to change the wifi settings and password while buying a new wifi router for home and office. In this basic Mercusys MW305R WiFi Router Setup and configuration user guide you can not only protect your wifi network but increase the performance and speed of wifi.

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