How to Login Windstream Internet Router?

How to Login Actiontec T3200 Windstream Router?

Actiontec T3200 is an 802.11ac dual-band VDSL modem supported by Windstream internet and many leading service providers. T3200 WiFi DSL modem support 4 Gigabit Ethernet 1 WAN port and 1 DSL port and 1 USB port. Actiontec Telus Cable modem router compatible many other internet ad voice service providers such as Comcast Xfinity, Verizon, Frontier, Time Warner, and many others.

In this article, we are providing a way to login Windstream internet router and other information such as login IP address, username password, and other Prerequisites. Always recommended to login and change default WiFi SSID name and password while setup a new router for home and office internet. You need a Desktop or laptop computer to login Windstream internet router to change the network name.

Windstream Router Login Steps

Windstream modem login initial steps are connection with modem and access login page.

Connect Windstream WiFi modem t3200 either wired or using WiFi SSID network name that printed over router sticker.

Power ON modem with DC adapter comes with box accessories.

Windstream router login Default Settings        

Actiontec VDSL2 modem supported with many internet providers so it also pre-configured with different login credentials based on internet providers.

Windstream T3200 Modem Login IP Address printed to router sticker with login username and password as well as default WIFi SSID and Password.

However, you can get default Windstream internet login settings below.

Actiontec  T3200M Login IP Address:,, or

Default Username: admin  

T3200 modem default password: see modem label for the default password



Login Windstream Actiontec Web interface to the Web browser

Open a web browser such as internet explorer, Google Chrome, or Microsoft edge and access T3200 login IP or use the IP printed to router default settings.

After a few seconds, the Actiontec Telus T3200m router login page will load with all settings details. Use the Windstream router login default settings as printed to the router.

Change Actiontec T3200 WiFI SSID name and Password

Change default WiFi network name after login Windstream router configuration web page during first time setup.

Go to the Wireless setup option from the top menu.

Basic Settings

Wireless Radio – Enable

SSID Name: Windstream WiFi name (change WiFi name for your Actiontec router )

Security- WPA2

WPA Type: WPA2

Security Key Type: choose “use custom key /passphrase

WiFI password: set Windstream wifi password in the box

Press Apply button save settings.

Login to Actiontec T3200 Windstream Router

Go to the WPS option and do not forget to disable the Windstream wifi modem t3200 WPS button that helps to connect wifi without the password. Disabling WPS option will only the user can connect the internet if they have a WiFi password.

After WiFi configuration Do not forget to change the default login password for the Windstream internet router.

How to change the Actiontec t3200 Windstream Router login password?

The login password is the key of access the router control panel. Making a secured login password will protect your internet access and your private data.

Go to the Advanced Setup option.

Security- Admin Password

  1. Enter old and new passwords.

Old Password: admin

New Password: set a new login password

Confirm new password: type new password again to confirm.

Press the Apply button to save settings.

windstream modem t3200

Logout wifi modem and login again with the updated new login password.


Windstream Internet login Troubleshooting

While setup and login router there are a lot of technical glitch comes those required to troubleshoot. if you are also facing any issue while login to Windstream Actiontech t3200 wifi modem than you can fix it with troubleshooting steps.

Actiontec T3200 Router Login IP Address not working

Default login IP address not accessing is a common error that comes due to a lack of network configuration and other network glitches.

Follow the steps to fix login IP not working for Actiontec T3200

  • Make sure you are connected to the router either wired or wireless connectivity.
  • Check the default login IP Address detail printed to the router backside label.
  • Computer/Laptop LAN network Settings should be in DHCP mode or use the same series of static IP addresses of the Windstream router default IP series.

How to check Default gateway IP Address for Actiontec WiFi modem?

If your Windstream router older and default settings information lost from the router then you can check default login gateway IP address using command prompt.

Open command prompt from the start menu


Press Windows Key + R button

Type CMD in Run windows and press OK

The command prompt will open.

Type “ipconfig” command and press enter key.

See the Default gateway IP: or whatever IP showing in your command prompt will default IP for your Windstream internet router.)

If you get the login IP address but forget the default login password and can’t log in to the Actiontec modem than you can use reset option to restore factory settings.

How to Factory Reset Actiontec T3200 VDSL2 Modem?

Making factory reset router will erase all configurations and the router will stop working until configuring again for the internet.

Make sure you have all configuration detail or configuration backup file to setup router again.

Step to Hard reset Modem

  • Locate the reset button option beside Ethernet ports.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds using a needle.
  • Wait until router led bilking and router rebooting.
  • After router restart, complete follow the step again with default login settings to access the web interface.

windstream modem t3200 hard reset


Final Word

Always login and setup any wifi router to change the default wireless network name and password to protect your internet. I hope this Windstream t3200 manual will help you to secure your network and you can change the router login password and wifi password. Always use personal laptops and computers to login Windstream router settings so no one can access it from the saved sessions.

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