LigoWave infinity NFT1N AF Ceiling Mount AP Setup

Simple configuration steps to setup ligoWave infinity series Access point in standalone mode.

Setup LigoWave infinity NFT1N AF Ceiling Mount AP without the controller

LigoWave infinity series Access point can be configured with controller and standalone mode. Infinity series Device is compatible to turn into a master device to work as a controller to manage other AP in the networks. In this post, we have created a simple and easy configuration guide for setup ligoWave infinity NFT1N AF WiFi AP in standalone mode.

Infinity NFT1N AF is a single band 2.4Ghz 300Mbps WiFi speed wireless AP for indoor purpose. The device having 3 Ethernet port which 1Port support 48Volt Poe and 2 Non-PoE Ethernet port. The device can use Access point mode, repeater mode, and router mode. Ligowave NFT1N AP support dual power PoE as well as DC socket. The device looks classic looks and matched with the interior without making dirty looks. You need to connect physical from infinity AP to PC/Laptop to setup without the controller in Access Point mode.

Infinity NFT1N AF Physical Connection

Using infinity access point in a standalone mode need to access the configuration page.

NFT1N support DC and Poe Both power option so you can connect either 48V PoE adapter or DC adapter from DC sockets.

In this tutorial, we have used 48 Volt Power adapter to connect from PoE In Ethernet port.

Adapter LAN port will connect to Laptop/ Desktop LAN port.

Infinity controller setup

PC/Laptop LAN IP Address Configuration

To access Ligo wave infinity AP PC/Laptop should be in same series IP address of Ligowave device.

Ligowave infinity NFT1N default IP so use static IP mode in PC LAN and give IP address.

Infinity NFT1N AF Ceiling Mount AP Login First time

The default IP and infinity default username is admin and password admin01 to login device.

Open a Web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Mozilla or any other and access Default IP address on URL bar.

ligowave infinity 3x3 dualband-accesspoint

During the first login, you have to accept term and condition as per ligowave policy and country settings.

Choose Language for settings.

Accept the agreement and choose your country name and click the Next button for the setup process.

Infinity Series AP can configure as Master AP, Cloud AP as well as standalone AP mode.

To Work NFT1N AF as Master AP choose Master AP option to use external control choose cloud AP or to setup without controller select standalone AP.

Choose a Standalone AP option and click the Finish button and wait to reboot device and access settings again.

ligowave infinity controller download

Infinity Series Access Point Wireless Name and Password Setup

While choosing standalone mode need to set up WiFi SSID and Password in the manual configuration.

To access settings in Ligowave infinity series AP click the settings gear icon of the top option as shown below.

ligowave infinity reset

Go to Wireless Configuration showing WiFi signal icon and setup WiFi name and password to protect your WiFi network.

Enable Radio should show in orange color with Right mark.

1: Tx Power: increase the Tx power if using for a large house or area WiFi.

2: Channel: click on the Channel button to manual selection of the channel to avoid interference issue.

3: Wireless configuration: Click Settings gear to edit WiFi name and Password settings for infinity ap.

ligowave infinity controller download

WiFi SSID and Security Key setup

Wireless AP Settings: SSID: Give the WiFI Name in SSID option

Security Settings: Set a strong Alfa numeric key combination Wi-Fi password to protect the wireless network.

Security: select WPA-WPA2-personal

Security: Type the password in this box.

 ligodlb2-90 ligowave: 2.4ghz outdoor ap mimo 16dbi 90° sec

To limit WiFi user and speed you can setup bandwidth limitation and user limit settings in advance options.


Change Default LAN IP In infinity NFT1N

As per security point of view changing default Password and LAN IP address is highly recommended. While buying a new WiFi router or device don’t forget to set up a default configuration with your own password and settings.

To change Infinity Series LAN IP Address Go to LAN icon as shown below image.

IP Method: Static

IP Address: ( Change this default IP to any other IP )

Click the Done button.

NFT Configuration Scenarios

Save all settings

Do not forget to change all the configuration.

Go To save changes button top right side. Click save changes button and confirm all settings and press the OK button to apply settings.

After rebooting device your ligowave AP ready to connect in internet router and turn wired internet into Wi-Fi internet.

Download LigoWave Infinity Datasheet

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