block website in openwrt router

Block Website in OpenWRT WiFi Router

How to block website and Apps in OpenWRT using OpenDNS

OpenWRT firmware a free and best way to supercharge an ordinary router into advanced performance and features. There is a feature missing in OpenWRT firmware is content filtering to enable parental control for kids. Content filtering feature used to block websites and mobile apps in a WiFi router to prevent kids from visiting the appropriate website. If you looking to block websites and Apps in OpenWRT and always missing the firewall option than you are in the right place now.

There are also the best way to block the website in OpenWRT router or any other brand router possible with OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a free home shield solution available to block any type of website and Application with any wireless router.

You can use OpenDNS to restrict access of specific website for any brand Wireless router. Here we are using OpenWRT WiFi router to block websites such as Facebook, Youtube, and any other websites.  To Setup OpenDNS in OpenWRT need to create an OpenDNS account that is 100% free.

Follow the steps to block websites and apps using OpenDNS.

Create OpenDNS Account Free

Visit OpenDNS and create a free account to add your home networks.

You need an email ID to create your free OpenDNS account.

open dns setup on verizon router

After signup verify your email id by clicking the verification link received in the email.

Login OpenDNS and add your home network.

Add Home internet network in OpenDNS

Go to the Home tab.

Most of the home network run in dynamic IP Addresses which auto-detect by OpenDNS.

You can also find your home internet dynamic IP Address in the top “ Your current IP is”

Press Add a network button.

open dns setup

In the Next steps, IP Address will be auto-detected from your internet current dynamic router.

Press Add This Network button

 dns setup "can't open a website" lan

Give a name to the network. You can add multiple networks of Home, Office and any other to use content filtering.

open dns setup on all computers or on router

Press the DONE button to proceed to the next steps.

Add websites and Apps to block in your Home network

Now you can add the website category or specific website you want to block in your home internet access.

OpenDNS having a predefined category as per blocking mode. You can select blocking control mode as per your requirement or can customize also to block or unblock any website.

Go to the Settings tab

Settings for:  choose your networks from the list you want to apply settings.

Web content filtering:

Choose the filtering level from High, Moderate, or Low.

If you don’t want to block anything select None.

To create your own blocking list go to the Custom option and choose the category you wish to block.

 setup open dns with nighthawk router

You can customize the web content filtering list any time by login OpenDNS account.

Add OpenDSN in the OpenWRT router to apply the web filtering policy to your network

You have to add an OpenDNS DNS address to the OpenWRT router after that your web filtering list will work with your home network.

Get the OpenDNS address from your OpenDNS account showing at the bottom.

OpenDNS :  and

charter ipv6 setup with open dns

Login to OpenWRT Router to Add Open DNS

Login  OpenWRT router using the default or IP Address you have configured for your network.

Go to Network- Interfaces

Edit the LAN interface

Find the DNS server option in LAN settings.

Use Custom DNS server

Add both the DNS server address in the list.

Use the Plus button to more DNS input fields.

 how to setup my wifi to open dns

Press Save & Apply button to save changes.

Now reboot your router and check if the blocking control working.

You can Add this DNS server to any brand router like Airtel 4G hotspot website block, TP-Link website bloc using OpenDNS, and any other.


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